As a small business owner, no one knows better than us the tremendous effort it takes to keep these fruits of our labor growing and thriving. Whether you’re taking inventory, handling expenses, or dealing with the day-to-day operations, it’s enough to make any normal person go insane. However, big tech companies like Apple, EERO, Samsung, and Snaptain are continuing to churn out new and helpful tools to help keep you and your business on the cutting edge.

Father’s Day is coming up; all fathers and entrepreneurs may want to mark some of this stuff down on your wish list to make your workdays a little bit easier. These gifts will give you peace of mind and won’t be hard on your wallet. These products will also innovate the way you do business in the years to come.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

First on the list to keep an eye out for, if you haven’t gotten one already, is Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch. These are great for managing your business affairs and correspondence on the go. Some even have GPS and apps like Google maps. The watches are also internet-capable, so you can stay connected anywhere and at anytime.


Flash Forge Finder

FlashForge 3D Printer

Next on the list are 3D printers, like the Flash Forge Finder. Product designers should keep an eye on this one since companies have begun applying this amazing tool in the realm of product design and quality checking. This tool gives you control over your designs to make more efficient products in a fraction of the time while allowing you more options for customization, so you can create a more unique product and set yourself apart from your competitors.



EERO Beacon

Another neat piece of tech business owners should keep an eye out for are beacons by companies like EERO. This not necessarily new tech, but developers are discovering innovative applications for them in marketing. Beacons, when programmed in some cases, can send information to receptive phones in their range about special offers and deals related to your business. As well as monitor the movements of customers so you can get an idea of what interests them. You can apply this data to your marketing strategies to help improve sales.

This new innovative way of sending the information uses a combination of Bluetooth and ultrasound; with the introduction of ultrasound, the information becomes encrypted and adds a layer of security for users connected to the beacon. Along with that, these beacons can, via proximity, connect to businesses Wi-Fi without the hassle of trying to find the network and type of passkeys.



Entrepreneur connecting their phone to ZEUSLAP portable monitor and stand

Still unsure what gift to get your entrepreneur for Father’s Day? This ZEUSLAP portable monitor, lets you conduct business meetings at home or on-the-go. The lightweight monitor has stunning imagery and connects directly to laptops or smartphones with a Type C HDMI port (the most common port). Compatible with Macbooks, smartphones, and iPad Pros with Type C.


Snaptain S5C

Snaptain 5C Drone

Last, but certainly not the least, are drones like the Snaptain S5C. When people think of drones, they think toys, or at least I do. But drones are now being applied in new and interesting ways with regards to business. One of the most intriguing uses is for the delivery of goods. Some companies like Dominos are still experimenting, but many believe it will become common soon.

Another intriguing use for drones is in the mapping of areas of land for surveying and gathering data such as traffic movements. This is a great tool for contractors or up-and-coming construction businesses looking to start businesses or as a tool for on-going projects where you have to get a sense of the land you are working with and the environment in the surrounding areas.


Have any more great entrepreneur gift ideas for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.