It’s that time of year. One filled with lists, requests, socially distant lines at stores, and online holiday deals. I know I have been tempted by all the deals through personalized Instagram Ads. For example, do I need those sunglasses that keep popping up as I go through friends’ Instagram stories? Maybe. But it is that season of giving, where I try to focus more on what to get my loved ones instead of splurging on myself. Except, shopping for myself is so easy because I know exactly what I want. That is not always the case for friends and family. What can you get someone who didn’t tell you what they wanted or if you are running out of ideas in a holiday season that is drastically different from last year? Well, look no further. It is the time of gift guides and after searching through the internet, I have found some unique and different gifts that are fun, creative, engaging, and that will bring smiles to givers and recipients alike.


Instagram post from Gift-a-Green

I stumbled upon this company and I was delighted in what it offers. Gift-a-Green combines a message to send to your loved ones with a plant that you nurture yourself. The card pops out to be the container of your new plant that you can also eat. They offer a holiday bundle consisting of hot chocolate powder, basil, and kohlrabi microgreens. They even offer personalized options for that extra special touch.


Instagram post from Tile

Give the gift that keeps on giving! And giving. And giving. Because for those of us who constantly have to help our partners, parents, friends, or siblings find their lost keys, purses, or wallets, then this gift will be more for us than for the recipients. Tile is a company that specializes in locating lost items, using Bluetooth and a Tile, anyone can locate what they are looking for. For the forgetful and the exasperated, for the planners, for the travelers, for the cautious and the carefree, Tile can be a very helpful and special gift.

Marimad Luxury Spa

Instagram Post from Marimad Luxury Spa

We have experienced many new things in 2020 and “Maskne,” the breakouts we experience from wearing masks, is one of them. One of my favorite pros of wearing a mask, besides protecting myself and others from a deadly virus, is that I don’t have to spend time putting makeup on my face because the lower half is covered up. But with the good, there can also be more pimples. Marimad’s Instagram post (see post above) has much-needed insight on the relationship between masks and acne. If you know someone on your list who values their skincare routine or would appreciate a facial during a particularly hard year, Marimad offers the quarantine facial kit, perfect for those of us needing that elevated spa experience from the comfort of our homes. I know my skin would thank me if I treated myself to one of these kits.

I was introduced to this business through Beyoné’s Black Parade Route Directory of Black Owned Businesses. Check it out here.


Instagram post from SUGOi SWEETS

SUGOi SWEETS, where sweetness meets beauty. These delectable sweets look almost too good to eat. Almost. The bonbons are especially beautiful. If the person you are looking for has a sweet tooth and an eye for artistic craftsmanship, then look no further. But hurry. According to SUGOi SWEETS’ website, they are taking holiday reservation orders until December 10th.

JIGGY Puzzles

Instagram Post from JIGGY Puzzles

2020 brought along a resurgence of many pastimes, and jigsaw puzzles were one of the biggest. Many of my friends and families bonded together over many quarantine evenings, playing a Netflix movie in the background with some snacks nearby. What could be a better gift than something you could do with your friend or family, safely during this holiday season? What’s so great about JIGGY Puzzles is that they are beautiful works of art that once completed, you will want to display in your home. From JIGGY Puzzles’s website, “Each JIGGY Puzzle comes in a reusable glass jar and includes a tube of puzzle glue, a straight-edge tool to spread the glue and a print of the art to follow.”

Milk Bar

Instagram Post from Milk Bar

It’s the holiday season during Covid-19, so I think we all need to treat ourselves and others with Milk Bar. These treats vary from cookies, pies, and cakes, and a variety of flavors such as the “Chocolate Confetti Cookie Tin,” “Blueberry and Cream Cookie,” and the “Gluten Free Fruity Marshmallow Cookie” to name a few. They offer nationwide delivery and you can place your order up to 30 days in advance.

Jackbox Games

Instagram Post from Jackbox Games

This is the gift that I have given to myself before and your friends will thank you for it even if you decide to buy it for yourself and not them. The act of playing these amazing, funny, wacky games together on your couch eating pizza, or virtually with friends in different time zones, is something worth every penny. You can buy them a gift card so they can pick which “Party Pack” (a combination of different games) or individual games they want to play. My personal favorite is Quiplash. This game is sure to bring out the laughs and I have played this for hours straight. The games can be purchased on PCs, Macs, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, smart TVs, and more. Once you have the game set up, you join through the game code and play with one of your internet connecting devices. My friends and I have been able to make many fun memories together playing Jackbox over Zoom or Google Hangouts.


Instagram Post from Mylle

Who’s already looking forward to summer? Give the gift of summer with these reimagined inflatable pools, perfect for anyone to fill with water, or pillows to gift relaxation and fun. Check out Mylle’s Instagram for ideas and styles for all that these pools can bring to an indoor or outdoor space.

I found out about Mylle’s inflatable pools from shop, an Instagram account focused on showcasing wonderful businesses and products. From wanting an inflatable pool to discovering new books to read and candles to order, shop is a great account to follow to find more gift inspiration.

GREY Style

If you are looking for something that brings out the creativity, innovation and drive that we at GREY Journal keep at the center of our mission, then check out the gear, skincare, and fashion we have to inspire you to start that podcast, be your own boss, learn that new skill, and nail that audition. GREY style promises excellence with each graphic tee and quality product.

All Things Barbecue

If after reading this article and you still don’t know what to get, you can always give them a pizza oven. Happy Holidays!

Have any more unique holiday gift ideas? Let us know down in the comments.

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