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Have you been looking for a type of meat that does not involve harming an animal? Well, fly to Singapore because they just approved a lab-grown meat that is 100% non-harmful towards an animal and is real meat!

Eat Just, a food production company just passed the test to be the first approved lab-grown meat service in the world. They are offering chicken meat to local manufacturers and restaurants in Singapore. No chickens were killed for it and no harm came to them. 

Now, you may be asking, “how in the hell did they manage to pull this off?” The answer is quite simple. Technologists for Eat Just took muscle tissue from the chicken and put it in a liquid or gelatinous substance. From there, it was incubated and put in a bioreactor which grows organisms. It was fed a mix of proteins, amino acids, minerals, and all the other nutrients that you need for a chicken to grow healthy. Within no time, the chicken was ready to go and eat—all done without hurting a little chicken at all.

It is said that the meat tastes exactly like a regular piece of chicken would and is completely guilt free. And if this new way of creating meat is adopted all around the world, we could be seeing a healthier planet for everyone. Although the portions for this lab-grown meat is not as large as it would be if you got meat the traditional way, it sure does sound like a big step forward for a better future.

Here’s the big question…Does knowing that the meat was grown in a lab throw people off and make it unattractive? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.