After more than two months in quarantine, the days have most likely begun to bleed together. Tuesday feels like Friday, early morning and late evening are interchangeable and sometimes, the weekend falls on a Wednesday afternoon. One thing that has been keeping people sane, as well as providing a semblance of a schedule, is working out. We are fortunate to be living in a time where technology and social media give us access to limitless opportunities to move our bodies and stay active, even from home. While some of us may be pining for the high caliber equipment of our boutique fitness studios and the shared energy of group exercise classes fitness instructors across the globe are using YouTube and Instagram to keep motivation up and legs moving. 

Why is Physical Fitness Important for Women?

Physical fitness is vital for women as it significantly impacts their overall wellbeing. Regular exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. It aids in weight management, preventing obesity and its associated health problems. Strength training and weight bearing exercises build muscle and bone density guarding against osteoporosis. Exercise also boosts mental health by releasing mood lifting endorphins, reducing anxiety and depression. With increased energy levels, women can tackle daily demands more effectively. Many turn to fitness YouTubers for women who offer tailored workout routines and motivation to help achieve these goals. Here are some of the best fitness YouTubers for women


MadFit: While Maddie Lymburner has only been posting workouts to her YouTube channel since March 2018, she has 3.4 million subscribers, has built a repertoire of creative and versatile at home workouts and is known as a fitness YouTuber for women. She posts everything from 30-minute, high-intensity HIIT workouts to 10-minute low cardio warmups and cool-downs. Maddie is also constantly adjusting her videos based on what she feels her followers need. Since the quarantine began, she has built routines that virtually anyone with access to YouTube can do from home—they require no equipment and are considered “apartment friendly,” with minimal jumping. After completing any of her workouts, you’ll find links to additional routines that pair well with the one you’ve completed, ensuring that you’re able to get an effective burnout in, all from your living room or backyard.

In mid-May, Maddie uploaded a video called “90’s dance workout,” switching it up from her usual muscle-focused workouts. In the midst of a pandemic we are confronted with new information by the hour. The idea of moving your body as a form of self-care can sometimes get lost, making fitness forced and dangerously obsessive. This light-hearted video made working out fun, different and entirely pressure-free. Check out her Instagram for more, @madfit.ig.

Sami Clarke

Sami Clarke: Before you head to her channel, be warned that Sami is relatively new to YouTube so her backlog of videos is not quite as extensive as the top fitness YouTubers for women like MadFit. Sami Clarke is a model and health and wellness blogger based in LA. She uses her platform to encourage women to take a holistic approach to wellness and to find fulfilling ways to nourish both their body and their mind. On her channel you’ll find easy home-cooked meal suggestions, smoothie recipes and a glimpse into her skincare routine, among workout videos that she has begun uploading weekly since quarantine began. Sami has developed a signature 30-minute routine that focuses on a different muscle group each day, like arms and back, legs or abs. If you are looking for something a little quicker that still gives you a full and effective workout, she has several 10-minute ab routines and 15-minute HIIT circuits.

Sami utilizes some equipment in her routines, such as resistance bands, light weights and decks (can be any elevated surface—even a coffee table works!) She offers modifications if these aren’t available to you. In addition to uploading routines to YouTube, Sami leads free workouts on Instagram live every week. Head to her page @samiclarke to catch a live and see what you think.

Melissa Wood Health

Melissa Wood Health: This fitness instructor, digital entrepreneur and mother has been taking over the wellness community lately. She is trained in yoga and pilates instruction as well as the art of meditation, and is the founder of the MWH (Melissa Wood Health) Method. The method is designed to help you tone and sculpt your body, while simultaneously practicing mindfulness and working towards building a better relationship with yourself. On her website she shares her personal journey with fitness, and how she maneuvered from body-image inspired intense cardio to mindful, low-impact movement.

Like Sami, her YouTube channel has videos touching on healthy eating and skincare recommendations in addition to her workout routines. You will find quick, 10-minute booty burners, full-body flows, ab circuits and guided meditation. For a deep dive on all things Melissa Wood Health, browse her Instagram @melissawoodhealth.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif: Pamela has been posting workouts on YouTube since 2013, and unlike a lot of the other fitness guru’s mentioned, her channel is almost exclusively focused on working out. Her page header boasts of her “quick and effective workouts with no talking,” so if you’re looking to get right down to it, this is the page for you. Pamela’s workouts rarely go longer than 15 minutes, and you have the freedom to combine any of the shorter routines for a complete workout—or, just stick with a quick burnout if you prefer! Rather than verbally guiding you through the routine, she plays catchy songs in the background and shows you the moves with proper form on camera. A lot of her circuits require no equipment, and she has some designed specifically for beginners if you are just getting started on your fitness journey.

For more on her day-to-day life and other projects, follow her on Instagram @pamela_rf.

Jessica Valant Pilates

Jessica Valant Pilates: HIIT and strength workouts aren’t for everyone. If you are looking for a guide to some low-impact Pilates moves, pain relief remedies, stretching tutorials or postpartum routines, Jessica Valant is your girl. As both a licensed physical therapist and longtime certified pilates instructor, Jessica has been utilizing YouTube to encourage people to maximize their health potential since 2013. All of her videos are Pilates-based, but focus on different muscle groups and help her subscribers achieve individualized goals. She has short videos guiding you through hip and neck stretches, as well as full-length Pilates routines, geared toward either a beginner or more advanced individual. Her channel also highlights her own journey through the wellness world, giving you some insight into her weekly workout schedule, family life, and how Pilates has impacted her personal outlook.

For more information and an opportunity to work with her in her personalized program, head to her Instagram account @jessicavalantpilates.

How Fitness YouTubers For Women Are Invaluable?

Fitness YouTubers for women are invaluable because they offer tailored workout routines and expert guidance all for free. Various workouts suitable for different fitness levels provide convenience and motivation to exercise from home. Their expertise ensures safe and effective workouts making fitness accessible to all women, regardless of their schedules or locations. Additionally, these YouTubers create communities of support and inspiration fostering a sense of belonging among viewers on their fitness journeys.

While the fitness YouTube community boasts diverse content creators catering to different audiences fitness knows no gender boundaries. Many fitness YouTubers for men offer specialized training routines and insights tailored to both men’s and women’s fitness needs. This inclusive approach ensures that everyone can find valuable guidance and inspiration to pursue a healthier lifestyle regardless of gender.

Your Fitness Path!

Here’s the thing – every person is different, and every day is new. Just because you see someone else doing long high-intensity workouts daily does not mean you have to! And while you may need a hardcore ab and arm burnout one day, you might need a light flow and guided meditation the next. Be sure to tune into your body and respond to what it is craving. Consider exploring the grey journal for more in depth insights and recommendations as the accounts mentioned above offer versatile, effective and fun ways to move while stuck indoors, so to get those endorphins firing these are a great place to start.