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If you are a founder, innovator, or leader, you demand a lot from your body. Therefore, you should also demand a lot for your protein source. When protein intake in your regular diet is not enough, protein powder is a quick and easy solution to give you the boost you need. The problem how do you know which brand or type of protein is good for you. Today, we are reviewing one of the top-rated whey protein powder brands from an entrepreneur’s perspective.

Naked Whey protein powder is a Whey Protein supplement produced in the United States. The product’s pureness in terms of sourcing from grass-fed cow’s milk and production transparency distinguishes it from other protein products.

The product is sourced from grass-fed cow’s milk; it’s produced with natural ingredients and no additive. Thus, it offers pure protein and naked nutrition.

To come up with this review, we took time out to try out the product to discover its taste, nutrition to the body, ingredients, and, of course, how beneficial it is to entrepreneurs who need to be bustling with energy for effective daily performance.

Let’s get down to business

The Nutrition

A serving of Less Naked Whey contains an adequate amount of protein and calories. A serving has 25 grams of protein and 5.9 Grams of BCCA’s and just 150 -160 Calories, with 2 grams of Fat and 8 Carbohydrates and lactose. It also comes with essential amino acids like valine, leucine, and isoleucine (Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs).

In addition, Naked Whey contains sufficient minerals. In a scoop, you get a decent amount of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium. But a little high in cholesterol with 50 milligrams.

The Ingredients

Naked Whey protein powder is predominantly made from whey protein sourced from grass-fed cows from small American dairy farms. Naked Whey is sweetened by 2% organic coconut sugar sourced from the sap of the coconut palm tree. Sugar is rich in fructose and calories, but it’s a little higher in fiber and certain minerals than table sugar.

The Taste

People used to sweet protein products may have an issue with Naked we taste because of its 2% coconut sugar. Naked Whey, when mixed with water, has a very light taste and little sweetness. This will be good news for purists, like us, who find popular whey protein powders a little overwhelmingly sweet. But people who find other Whey products excessively sweet will be glad to know this. Ultimately, we discover it is light upon intake, and it is easily digestible. We also found it to work wonderfully with all the smoothies we made. Perfect for a boost in a morning smoothie.

The Price

A 5-pound tub of Naked Whey costs $90. This provides 60 two-scoop servings making a serving cost roughly $1.50 per. Naked Whey does cost a little higher compared to other popular brands. The price could make some people consider other brands. However, we feel like it’s worth the premium because you definitely getting a premium product. For entrepreneurs that don’t have a lot of time and in the mode of pinching pennies, this is a solid choice.

What We Think

Naked Whey Protein

After our research and sampling of Naked Whey, we discover some awesome things about the product. Here are some of the things we love about the product:

1. Transparent Production Process

Naked Whey powder is not only transparent with its packaging but also in terms of the production process. The entire production process is transparent. Naked we are pure and naturally sourced from year-round Grass-fed cows rear in a small California Dairy Farm. The quality of the protein derivable from grass-fed cows higher than that of those sourced from cows bred in cold climate areas. Manufacturers of the product are also open about their ingredients, with that we fully know what we are putting into our body.

2. No Artificial Sweetener, Flavour And Colour

Naked Whey is free of added table sugar, artificial sweeteners, fructose, color, and other additives. So you can worry less about added sugar intake or other unwanted sweeteners in your body. This makes it go well with a smoothie, milk, coffee, and beverages of your choice without altering its taste. Lack of excess additives also makes it safe and healthy consumption of protein supplements, with excessive additives poses a high health risk for some people.

3. Easy To Mix

Naked Whey is very easy to mix; it doesn’t clutter. You can’t find clunks of it in your shake bottle. Also, it doesn’t taste anything like metal.

Benefits Of Naked Whey For Entrepreneurs

1. Provides energy

Entrepreneurs are always busy and need a great deal of physical strength, mental alertness, and stability to function vibrantly. Naked Whey is an easy solution to this. It provides entrepreneurs the required energy source and nutrients that help their body and brain perform optimally.

2. Boost Immune System

Being a pure whey, Naked Whey contains a higher level of immune-boosting components that improve your body’s antioxidants response. The antioxidants help your body fight against harmful bacteria, thereby preventing you from illnesses.

3. Foster Better Heart Health

Grass-fed Whey has more Omega-3 fatty acid CLA. Therefore, Naked Whey fosters better metabolism and improves your heart health.

What Else We Wish For

Some entrepreneurs want improvement in the bundle. The sample pack containing all four Naked Whey and Less Naked Whey flavors in single-serving pouches comes handy for entrepreneurs always on the go. However, It would be best to cater to some entrepreneurs who wish they have a bigger bundle for these packs, not just a sample bundle.