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With so many details commanding your attention, how do you stay focused? For entrepreneurs, maintaining the focus required to succeed can be a challenge. Knowing about supplements and how they can help provide the laser focus you need puts another valuable tool in your toolbox. Coffee, with its energizing caffeine, might be considered a supplement but overindulging has consequences. So, this post is about healthier ways of getting you in the focus zone.

With the support of supplements to help you focus, you can overcome stress, sleep deprivation, and distractions, achieving a state of clarity that fosters concentration. Let’s look at some of the top focus-improving supplements and how they can sharpen your entrepreneurial edge.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

The greatest enemies of clarity and focus are stress and sleeplessness. Stress impacts cognitive function in many ways, including the recall and formation of memory. While some stress is beneficial, keeping you on your toes, prolonged periods of stress result in negative impacts on overall health.

When stress is constant, the allostatic load (stress built up over time) begins to attack your immune and nervous systems. If focus is a concern for you, stress may be the cause but a lack of sleep may also result from that stress, so the effect is often debilitating.

CBD and hemp products can be used as a balancing agent, harmonizing with the ECS (Endocannabinoid System) in every human body. The calming effect of CBD helps you cope with stressors, pushing away distractions and negative thinking that can impact your ability to focus. While research continues to reach definitive answers, CBD’s ability to decrease stress is a key reason its influence as a focus helper is growing.

Ginkgo Biloba

Native to China, the leaves of the ginkgo tree support better focus by increasing blood circulation. This, in turn, increases available oxygen to the brain, allowing it to do its best work. It’s important when buying ginkgo supplements, however, to choose one containing a minimum of 6% terpene lactone and 24% glycosides, as these are key focus-boosting ingredients. The terpenoid profile of ginkgo acts to improve circulation by relaxing the blood vessels and reducing platelet stickiness.

By giving the brain more of what it needs (oxygenated blood), ginkgo biloba can profoundly improve both memory and focus, with an enviable nutritional and antioxidant profile accompanying enhanced brain function. Enhanced brain function means increased focus.

Thai Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa)

Found in Southeast Asia and Africa, Kratom comes from the leaves of a tree in the coffee family. Hand-picked, then dried, the raw leaves are made into a powder used in delivery methods like capsules.

Thai kratom is one of the most potent examples of this natural focus booster. But this powerful type is usually grown in Indonesia, today. A controlled substance for 70 years, only in 2021 did Thailand update its Narcotics Act to clear the way for decriminalization. Due to lingering and continuing bureaucratic hurdles, Indonesia will continue to be the primary exporter for the immediate future.

White and green varieties of Thai Kratom are both known to increase energy and mental focus. These varieties contain the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine which both bind to opioid receptors in the brain. This natural chemical reaction results in boosted focus and mental engagement.


An active component of some mushrooms, as well as black and green teas, L-theanine is an amino acid that can be purchased as a supplement. The benefits of L-theanine address stress and anxiety and promote better sleep.

When combined with moderate coffee consumption, L-theanine was also shown to increase focus by boosting alertness. Using L-theanine supplements on their own or with a small amount of coffee are both effective ways to enhance focus. On its own, this supplement addresses stress, freeing your mind from its influence. Taken with coffee, alertness is added to enhance the effect.

Always Consult Your Doctor

While all these supplements have been proven safe and effective, consulting your doctor before taking any of them is recommended. Your doctor is aware of contraindications (potentially harmful drug interactions) you may not be. For example, the EGCG polyphenol found in green tea (see L-theanine, above) can make some chemotherapy drugs less effective. Always consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your therapeutic routines.

Entrepreneurs need to be on the ball and passion is rarely enough to keep you on it. With natural supplements, you can boost your focus, supplementing your passion with research-backed support. Sharpen your entrepreneurial edge with natural supplements to stay on the ball.