Picture this. You’re stuck at home, eager to get some exercise in, but gyms and outdoor activities are closed. So, you try to go online or in-stores to search for some equipment to build your very own at-home gym – not only will it pass the time, but it will make you feel better, right? So, there you are, searching, and you quickly realize that everything you need is sold out. The amount of disbelief washes over you as you come to the horrible realization that you would have to be on the hunt for workout equipment for months before you finally start to lift some weights. Well, don’t feel alone, because that is the frustration that most American’s have been dealing with since the beginning of the pandemic.

Since the pandemic hit in March, people from all over the United States have been trying to figure out what to do with the amount of time they have on their hands. One thing that almost everyone has thought about is getting some exercise in, but they can’t do it at a gym and because of the shortage, they can’t even do it on their own. 

One piece of equipment in particular has been, and will continue to be, hard to find…dumbbells. David Brown in Business Wars Daily, “The Latest Pandemic Shortage: Dumbbells,” talks about this very frustrating shortage, saying that people everywhere are going through the same thing. This shortage in supplies makes sense because before the pandemic hit, we got most of our dumbbells, kettlebells, and all things weight related from China. When China closed its doors, we stopped receiving supplies, and what we did have just didn’t meet the high demand.

Not only has there been an increase in demand for things like dumbbells and other equipment, but the prices have been hiked up, nearly doubled. What used to be a $40.00 pair of dumbbells are now a whopping $100.00 sold from smaller retailers. But people are desperate and are willing to pay anything to lift some weights. For now, the shortage continues and will continue indefinitely. But don’t you worry, your dumbbells will get to you eventually!

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.