The pandemic has taken a large toll on everyone, but some are having a tougher time than others. Over the course of being isolated at home and being shut off from all of their friends, there has been an increase in anxiety and depression in teens nationwide. But Joon Care, an online organization whose aim is to help teens and young adults who struggle with a mental illness, is here to help.

Joon Care takes new clients from ages 13 to 24 and schedules them a free phone consultation to get them on a journey to a healthier mindset. This Seattle based startup was able to secure $3.5 million to provide clients with their services within the past month. Their clients get to subscribe to a 16-week treatment plan that costs a total of $2,000 which is billed in 4-week increments. The clients have access to an app on their phone and for those who are under 18, their parents can have a monthly check-in on how they’re progressing in therapy.

Having something like this available for teens and young adults helps eradicate the stigma of therapy being bad. It normalizes therapy and gives those who seek it a feeling that they belong and that they are not alone. Everyone struggles and just the fact that there are places both online and in-person can ease the minds of so many.

It is reported that more than 70% of teens and young adults are struggling with anxiety, depression, and loneliness as a result of COVID-19. Being at home and isolated in the way that we all have is hard enough as it is, but having a life-threatening virus attached to it makes it all the more difficult. Joon Care knows this and is doing everything in their power to make sure that teens and young adults know that they have a support system to back them up and to help them when they need it.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.