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Working from home is not a new phenomenon; it has always been practiced by freelancers, virtual assistants, web developers, translators, and many others. However, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world to bend, therefore ushering in new realities. One of the new norms the Covid-19 lockdown brought forth was the idea of other professionals working from home that had no reason to do so before. This has made various professionals adjust to a sedentary lifestyle.

However, the transition is not easy. Many people working from home have struggled to stay fit and prevent many negative health effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Do you work from home? Are you searching for information on how to stay fit while working from home? Not to worry, your search ends here. This article will give you the essential tips that will help you stay fit while working from home, even without visiting the gym. Here are some tips.

Start Everyday With A Stretch

Entrepreneur stretching

An effective way to keep fit when you work from home is to start every day by stretching your entire body. It could be the yoga kind of stretching or the one from dance class or one done in sports. Any type is fine; it gives your joints and muscles some movement before you settle into your home office chair and engage in a long meeting or working on your computer. Similarly, stretching helps you relieve joints and aches that you might get sitting for such long periods of time. Stretching should also be done throughout the day whenever you feel the need to do so.

Join Online Workout Classes

There are many pre-recorded fitness videos online; you can cultivate the habit of joining an online workout class. Joining the workout session from home provides you with a lot of flexibility. You can decide its duration, but it’s best to schedule a double routine for a workout. The first can be when you wake up in the morning and the other can be later in the day.

Take Online Yoga or Pilate Class

Besides online workout classes, you can also join other online exercise classes like yoga or pilates. Yoga exercise keeps you fit and improves your mental alertness. It also helps your body’s circulation. Yoga exercises don’t only help physically, they also improve your confidence. Pilates involves a series of concise movements that improve core strength, muscle control and stability. While it sounds pleasant, it is certainly very hard work.

Stand Up to Work

A sit-stand desk allows you to sit for part of the day and then stand for part of it. This, therefore, makes it easy for you to switch between sitting and standing. Switching your position as you work can make a significant difference to your overall wellbeing; standing to help you to burn extra calories compared to sitting and helps break the dangerous cycle of too much sitting.

Sit Right with a Ball Chair

You can bring an exercise ball chair into your workspace at home to help you stay fit. An active sitting ball chair is a great way to combine your work with a workout. It allows you to work your core muscles to keep yourself upright and counteract the natural movement of the ball. You can also improve your fitness more by doing simple pilates chair exercises.

Do Mini Workouts

Not only heavy workouts keep you fit. You can incorporate basic exercises into your daily routines, such as sitting down and standing up ten times in a row or doing jumping jacks a few times each morning and afternoon. The workout doesn’t have to be once. You should schedule it a few minutes before you start work, a few minutes at lunch, and a few minutes after work.

You can take a break between 5-10 minutes to run up and down the stairs or walk during working hours. This will help you get your heart up, thus rejuvenating your mind.

Walk While Working

With the aid of being hands-free, you can multitask. So, while having a conference call, you can walk around and do some other things instead of sitting in one place. While engaging in long hours of video calls, you can do some simple exercise moves. Some of these exercises include squats, tricep dips, lunges, wall push-ups, etc. Doing this often also contributes to keeping you fit while working from home.

Explore Other Alternative to Cars

In addition to all the indoor exercise, it is also important to engage in healthy outdoor activities. So, if you are not going too far, you can keep your car at home and take a walk, or run, or ride a bike. These allow you to have a feel of fresh air while exercising your body. Fresh air and a change of scenery are essential for your physical and mental health. These activities also get your heart rate up. Short bursts of high-intensity activity will get your blood pumping and burn body fat.

In conclusion, the secrets for making sure these tips yield a positive effect on your body and overall health are self-discipline and consistency. These exercises help improve your energy, reduce your stress levels, and help you stay mentally alert. But as you pay attention to your body, don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and make sure you get enough sleep. All these will help you get back to work physically and mentally fit.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.