My alarm sounds at 4AM, two different places in the house. Through my initial state of grogginess, I grab my phone, snooze the alarm (while still laying down) then head to the kitchen and command Alexa off. After that—and totally against David Goggins’ advice—it’s right back to bed, straight to Twitter, only to doze off again. The snooze sounds again at 4:09AM and I am now thrust into reality as I grab hold of my thoughts, realign and embrace the suck. “Get the f–k up, you have zero time to lay around.”

As a result of my lack of preparation, skipping breakfast is a norm, lunch-time exists in a fairytale, and dinner consists of scrolling through Uber Eats and, against my financial advisor’s advice, I spend sixty-dollars (those delivery fees are outrageous) on a hamburger. With a jam-packed schedule that takes me well into the late evening, here’s my remedy for preparing for the day.

When’s the best time to workout? Early mornings.

Entrepreneur jogging near river in early morning
Entrepreneur jogging near river in early morning

I started heading to the gym early in the morning. Simply said, but not easily done. An early wake up time and three-hours to spare before my travel to work, there’s no reason to miss any scheduled workout. I dedicate, at the very least, forty-five to ninety minutes (the latter is three-percent of our day) to developing my body and mind. An added bonus to working out in the morning (besides nearly empty gyms), is increased productivity and energy provided throughout the day. This is especially beneficial for those of us who are in the entrepreneurial setting.

While it’s been shown that neuromuscular recruitment isn’t as efficient in the morning compared to the early-afternoon or late-evening, our greatest way to counteract that is with movement specific warm-ups that are in conjunction with the planned workout. Think of it as sort of “pre-heating” the body for proper muscular recruitment.

I have zero energy in the morning, so now what?

Entrepreneur lying in bed checking phone
Woman lying in bed checking phone

We could start in various areas to pinpoint the source of our lack of energy, but I’m willing to bet (for most of us) it all starts in the bedroom. Those late, steamy nights of seven-minute sex sessions, and countless hours spent refreshing through feeds you’ve already seen, are hindering time you have to recover for the next day. Put the phone down. I promise you aren’t missing out.

By pairing better eating habits (prepping meals, etc.) with improved sleeping patterns, we will notice an increase in energy as we develop our new habit. On top of that, beginning a morning workout routine has been shown to increase energy! If these habits are already in practice, a little pre-workout or a cup of coffee will be enough to prime your mind for the morning work load.

Time to face the mirror

Entrepreneur with gym bag looking through a window early in the morning
Man with gym bag looking through a window early in the morning

“We make time for the things that are important to us,”—one of my exes. We simply don’t have the time, because we don’t plan or have the will to make temporary sacrifices. In this process, there will be no instant gratification and operating outside of optimal conditions will be necessary. We can’t be afraid of being tired. Once we embrace this notion, what is on the other end of the us doing what is hard is a feeling of gratification and the results we want.

How do you make time to workout in your day? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.