Are you trapped at home anxiously awaiting the end of the lockdown so that you can hit the gym? Concerned about losing that hard-earned muscle? Or maybe you’re a beginner, and you’ve decided to put this “stay at home” time to good use and build the perfect lean, mean fitness machine. Regardless of your motivation, you have chosen a new path — getting fit at home. The best way to lose weight, gain muscle, and get fit in the privacy of your home? YouTube!

Well, OK, you could hire a high dollar trainer or coach to come to your house, but why not open your laptop and work with the cream of the crop, FREE, online, and anywhere you have Internet access? Top YouTube Workout Channels For Guys provide a convenient way for men to work out at home.

Who is the best fitness trainer on YouTube and why?

Fitness and exercise have become integral parts of many people’s lives and YouTube has emerged as a go to platform for those seeking guidance and inspiration. Choosing the right one can be challenging with many fitness trainers offering various workout styles and health tips. The best fitness YouTubers for men often depend on individual goals, preferences and fitness levels. However, certain trainers have gained popularity due to their expertise, teaching style and engaging content. Let’s explore some of the most renowned fitness trainers on YouTube who have significantly impacted the world of fitness and health.

Top Five Fitness YouTubers For Men

A man doing a plank exercise

Jeff Nippard

If your goal is adding muscle, Jeff has a degree in biochemistry and experience as a bodybuilder and a powerlifter. Jeff combines his classroom knowledge and real-world training experience to create informative instructional videos covering nutrition, resistance training, and fitness. He has just under two million subscribers and over 400 training videos available on his channel and is one of the most respected fitness YouTubers for men.


If you want to build a fit, lean body with little or no equipment, check out Chris Heria and his crew at OFFICIALTHENX for hundreds of videos that make calisthenics look easy. With over five million subscribers, their channel teaches beginners how to get started with bodyweight exercises using step-by-step videos. If you’re a bodyweight training pro, they also have videos to help you build a functional and athletic body.

Mike Rashid

If you’re looking for training with more of a challenge and balls-to-the-wall motivation, check out Mike Rashid! Mike is a former professional boxer who later became a power bodybuilder, author, entrepreneur, and kick-ass fitness YouTuber. Mike provides his one million-plus subscribers with heavy weight-training, calorie-melting boxing, eating, and even business advice. His motto is “Train Your Mind as Hard as You Train Your Body.”


Scott Herman posts new videos twice each week for his two million-plus subscribers. On his channel, you can find videos covering full-body workouts, how-to videos, common training mistakes, fat loss, and general fitness tips. If you’re looking for an all-around helpful and informative fitness YouTuber for men, Scott Herman is a good choice.

Seniority Health

The Fitness & Wellness Channel For Men Over 40.” The actual YouTube channel title is a little misleading — 40+ — but the content is invaluable for men over 40! Close to 900 thousand subscribers receive videos covering effective workouts and nutrition to get you in the best shape of your life, no matter how old you may be. Available playlists include Seniority Health Workouts & Exercises and Seniority Health Wellness & Nutrition Videos.

Continuing our journey in the fitness and wellness world, we’ve explored the dynamic and motivational realm of male fitness YouTubers. But fitness YouTubers for women are also revolutionizing home workouts and healthy lifestyles. From high energy cardio sessions to mindful yoga practices, these women are not just fitness YouTubers they are empowering leaders in the digital fitness community.

How much do fitness YouTubers make?

The income from these sources can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month with top fitness YouTubers potentially earning in the high six figure or even seven figure range annually. However, it’s important to note that these figures can vary greatly and not all fitness YouTubers will achieve this level of success.

  • YouTube Ad Revenue: Earnings vary based on views and engagement.
  • Sponsorships & Endorsements: Income from promoting fitness-related brands.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Commissions from sales via affiliate links.
  • Merchandise Sales: Profit from selling branded fitness merchandise.
  • Membership & Subscriptions: Revenue from exclusive content subscriptions.
  • Personal Training Services: Income from offering training or coaching.
  • Crowdfunding: Support from platforms like Patreon

Fitness Evolution!

The fitness world explored through the lens of men’s fitness YouTubers is rich and diverse offering many insights and methodologies. These influencers are more than guides they are catalysts for transformation and growth.  They provide a wealth of knowledge, motivation and diverse perspectives that cater to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Those following along on Grey Journal know that it is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the most insightful and innovative ideas in the fitness realm. It’s a testament to the ever evolving nature of fitness and a reminder that learning and adapting are as important as physical exercise.

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