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Getting Away from Your Computer

Most people spend their workdays in front of computers, and they don’t get up to move.

There is a trick you can use. Set a timer so that you can get up and walk around at least once every hour. You should consider walking around the block because it helps a lot. If you are not allowed to do this at your workspace, consider walking around the building.

The physical and mental outlet you are going to get when you walk around the office is going to help you get rid of stress and anxiety.

Gentle Stretching

There are times when it is hard for you to get up and walk around your workplace. Maybe you have a lot of work to do or back-to-back meetings to attend. The alternative is to get up from your desk then stretch. This is going to help you release stress and anxiety when working.

There are different exercises you can use to stretch. One that I find works best is looking at the top left corner of my computer, then looking at the top right corner of the computer, looking at the bottom right, then the bottom left of my computer. Your head and neck should move slowly as you do this. This is an easy and gentle stretch that is going to relieve the tension that your body has from hours of staring at the screen.

Communicating with those Around You

People living with anxiety usually feel like they don’t express what is going on verbally.

If this is how you feel at work, consider talking to a work friend. This doesn’t mean sitting with your work friend and bitching about work (this is unhelpful and negative and it isn’t going to benefit anyone). You should not be afraid to communicate about what is giving your anxiety at work.

There are times when all it takes to feel relief and reduce pressure is saying “I am scared I’m not going to finish this work on time”.

Drinking All of the Water

This doesn’t sound effective, but hydration is important for the body and could be the cure you are looking for. The water is not going to cure everything you are dealing with (there is nothing like this), but when you drink a lot of water, you are going to feel healthy, centered, and have an easier time concentrating on your work without feeling stressed.

It is important to take care of yourself if you are an anxious person. You need to listen to your body and know its needs.

When was the last time you had a glass of water? When did you eat last? Are you having a headache? You should take care of your physical body and your mental best is going to follow.

Checking Your Breathing

There are times when I am on the verge of a total panic attack when I’m at work and I cannot figure out why it is happening. The only thing I notice is my mouth pinched shut tight and rapid short breaths.

You should check in with your breathing if you feel anxious. Circular breathing (this is where you breathe in through the nose and breathe out of the mouth) can help you a lot. Start by imagining that your body is an empty bottle, and each breath you take is the same as water pouring from the bottom and filling up your lungs. You are going to see some difference and it will help you relax and reduce anxiety,

Making Yourself a List

This is an old trick that has been around for some time. When you feel fearful and overwhelmed, then make a list for yourself.

It is best to have a physical list that is going to make it easier for you to manage one task and cross it off. You will get a sense of control every time you cross off a task. Anxiety usually strips control from you. It is easy to fool anxiety when you have the right tools at your disposal.

Meditation Break

You have a break to eat your lunch, a break to go to the bathroom, why shouldn’t you have a five-minute break to meditate and reset yourself?

Meditation is not that complicated and you don’t have to be a guru to get the benefits. Circular breathing is going to make things easier. This process is going to send a message to your brain that you need to relax and refocus. Try paste form CBD to help you relax at work and feel less anxious.

This trick is not always going to work, but you need to make it a habit because it is a form of self-care that is going to help you.