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Over the years more and more individuals have turned to optional procedures when it comes to pre or post-plastic surgery. It is not easy filtering out whom or what company can offer the best results. Since this specific procedure is so particular and could have side effects one needs to be careful. Body and beauty expert Anna Diamantakos has proven to be an excellent choice when it comes to this type of work. Her company Liquid Sculpt has become a “go-to” office as far as specialists in pre and post-operative care.

“Our techniques, methods, experience, and knowledge set us apart and have catapulted us as the leaders in the industry. Lymphatic drainage is an essential treatment pre-surgery and even more crucial post-surgery. A stagnant lymphatic system leads to a buildup of waste and toxins in the body. Those facing surgery greatly benefit from one to three sessions of manual lymphatic drainage prior to any procedure. This process drains toxins and stimulates the immune system, before it is inhibited, to avoid any trauma from surgery and medications.”

Anna’s technique makes it easier for surgeons to make an incision through clean, well-drained tissue, especially in any kind of aesthetic surgery. Her services assist in alleviating edema, detoxified tissue, and induce a state of relaxation. Typically, after 24 hours from the surgery manual lymphatic drainage can begin with clearance from a physician. What Anna and her team harp on is the importance of decreasing swelling and inflammation which help with the healing of bruises and sutures, increase oxygen flow, reduce pain and chance of infection, prevent the formation of scar tissue, fibrosis, and keloid scarring, and detoxification of toxins from medications used in the surgical process. Another plus with her “Liquid Sculpt Method” is the post-operative ice therapy, a unique and specially formulated frozen gel that is made up of healing herbs and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They use this frozen gel in conjunction with lymphatic drainage for at least the first few weeks after any surgical procedure.

“The benefits of post-surgical lymphatic drainage are many and highly recommended for a speedy recovery and a shorter healing time.”

Many people do become nervous or apprehensive of such invasive procedures, but Anna has made it clear that it’s imperative that patients adhere to an appropriate post-operative lymphatic drainage regimen for optimal results and proper healing. In fact, aftercare accounts for about 30% of what your results will look like. Her mission is to not only treat but guide and support their clients through their journey. Her motto is and always has been “protect your investment”. Anna’s services are highly recommended by plastic surgeons nationwide and are considered essential for pre and post-surgical procedures. They have acquired a vast network of surgeons as the plastic surgery industry continues to expand. Due to Pop culture and social media, the idea of doing any type of plastic surgery has become a trend. So far, the US has had over 4.6 million surgical procedures in 2020 alone. Anna currently has four locations and is growing. Their “graduated” therapies allow them to make their patient’s dream body a continuous reality. They of course recommend maintenance with them, along with proper nutrition and exercise for long-lasting results.