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Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint-minded. Why? It takes a toll in the long run. The time spent doing a single thing repeatedly, especially something no one believes will work out. The hours spent scouring for information. Most times, they barely have the time to eat or scarcely care what they eat in the pursuit to make ends meet. This is a task for the mind, and which is why with the coming year we have gathered some information to help entrepreneurs out there keep it together health and physique-wise.

3 Health Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur meditating in living room
Entrepreneur meditating in living room

Health is an umbrella term with so many different aspects underneath. In this particular article, we will consider mental, social, and optical health. I specifically choose these three perspectives because they are so scarcely spoken on regarding health challenges. It is almost taboo to speak on them.

1) Mental Health

Dear entrepreneurs, disregard the sayings “do all you can to make wealth” or “go hard or go home”. Your mental wellbeing matters and is of utmost importance. Of course, you should get that paper, but do not get that paper at the expense of your mental wellbeing. There were many reports of suicide, suicidal attempts, and drug abuse this past year and statistics show they were tied to starting up youngsters. What is it that is eating steadily at you? Talk about it. It doesn’t matter what your denomination is or which gender you identify as. You know, I had seen some articles and videos about how the male gender never speak up on issues about their mental health for fear of being labeled weak. That is the utmost stupid way to think and should be thoroughly kicked to the side going forward in the new year. Speaking up is right; speaking up is the best thing to do.

2) Social Health

Next on the list of essential things to do in the new year, we have the case of social health. Most of the time, entrepreneurs scarcely go out of their comfort zone, and by that, I mean they do not interact with others. However, as a result of their loyalty to their screens, they mostly forget there is an outside world. This is not applicable generally, but this is their case for some specific descriptions. This is a sign to leave that stuffy room today, let some air in, go out for ice cream, treat yourself to something nice for once.

3) Optical Health

Optical health is one subject scarcely spoken about, but generally felt. That is to say, no one really tells you to be careful about the length of time spent behind a screen, be it a phone, laptop, or personal computer. Constant, unchecked staring at the screen not only causes damage to the eyes, but also leads to terrible headaches as a result of the pressure from the light of the screen on the eyes. It is advisable to take short walks in-between screen time and not use a brightly lit screen in a dull environment. The lighting should at least match the screen’s brightness in the environment where you, as an entrepreneur, are working.

5 Fitness Habits to Try

Entrepreneur running towards sunset

To be factual, fitness really is part of health in its own right. I mean, it is all under the umbrella of health, after all. But fitness is a whole new world in a way, and while some entrepreneurs actually make ends meet via this method, some barely have the time to think about fitness.

Fitness is another all-encompassing word in its right. Ranging from diets to workout routines, the possibilities are endless but only if you are willing to put in the work. I have five simple fitness habits you really should try.

1) Yoga

This ranks at the top of my list for obvious reasons. This serves as not just an exercise to stretch all those niches and taunt feeling from sitting for so long, too, in a single position. It also aids the thinking process. Believe it or not, yoga serves as a form of meditation that will surely help you when it comes to new thought processes.

2) Running

It varies, from jogging to sprinting, but the results are almost the same. Not only does this help shed the unwanted extra weight, but it also helps with clearing one’s mind and giving room for a more evident mindset. The thing with running is that it ups your cardiovascular activity and doesn’t even always have to be out and about. You could get a treadmill in the comfort of your home. However, I recommend stepping out of the house or going to the gym.

3) Reading

Most people find it rather difficult and tasking to read. This should not be the case because most people forget that readers are winners. Better yet, reading gives knowledge, which in turn gives power. And although with great power comes a lot of responsibilities, being a reader introduces you to the world of leadership, a trait any up-and-coming entrepreneur should have.

Overall, your health is your responsibility. When you keep chasing the bag and forget just to take a breather to enjoy the happenings around you, your body will begin to fail you, and in the end, you are left with nothing but a shell of yourself. It is almost like watching a skeleton tirelessly work away without realizing what you have become. Everyone needs deserves to be healthy as well as happy. How do those two align when you are stuck overthinking, overanalyzing, and stuck behind a screen no matter the size of said screen.

Have any more health and fitness tips for busy entrepreneurs? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.