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The verdict is in: being an entrepreneur and a perfectionist isn’t possible if you want to keep your sanity in-tact. Over the years, a variety of business owners, researchers, and innovators across the globe have reached this same conclusion, but you may be wondering, why?

To put it simply, perfection isn’t possible. We all know that though, right—so what’s the big deal? Well, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to lose sight of that fact when putting every bit of their time and energy into making sure they get as close to perfection as possible. The more you obsess over reaching an unobtainable standard, the more likely you are to feel worthless anytime you fall short. 

Let me run you through the cycle: The harder you focus on achieving perfection, the more you begin to refuse accepting failure. You become so obsessed with avoiding obstacles and staying on the path to success that when bumps in the road inevitably come your way, you feel your life’s purpose is crumbling in front of your eyes because your vision is not perfectly playing out in front of you. 

During this exhausting process, the tiny voice in the back of your head keeps begging you to believe your worst fears: “See, you never had it in you to do this,” “Just give up, you obviously aren’t getting anywhere,” or “You really can’t accomplish anything, can you?”. Just like that, your mind becomes your worst enemy.

If you struggle with a nasty little voice like this invalidating you, I have some incredible news: I’m here to let you in on how to get rid of it forever. After trying out a few of these techniques, you may find yourself in a headspace filled only with peace, positive thoughts, and motivation. Can you imagine the things you could achieve if that was your reality? Well, get ready to make those dreams come true.

Separate Your Self-Worth From Your Work

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This one can be difficult for entrepreneurs. Many innovators and creators are in the process of turning their ideas and dreams into a reality—how can they separate the outcomes of this personal journey from their identity?

I never said it was going to be easy, but I promise it’s crucial for success. Instead of tying your self-worth to your success at work, tie it to the qualities you possess that have allowed you to get where you are. To be an entrepreneur, you have to be an ambitious, goal-oriented, well-rounded worker. So, instead of kicking yourself when something goes wrong at work, focus on the positive qualities you have that you can utilize to power through the obstacles you’re confronted with. 

When you do this, you’ll find you won’t dwell on failure nearly as much. Instead of wanting to sink into a hole of self-pity, you’ll be motivated to problem solve. The result? An ability to overcome obstacles at work twice as fast while avoiding feeling incapable or worthless in the process.

Cut Ties with Self-Comparison

We’re all guilty of this one. Whether you’re in the habit of comparing yourself to a co-worker or one of your successful role models you strive to be like, you probably don’t realize how much it’s affecting your feelings about yourself. 

If you constantly feel inadequate when comparing yourself to those around you, you’re going to be left feeling envious, insecure, and hopeless. Instead of focusing on why someone else was given the promotion, why you aren’t at the same place in life as those you look up to, or why you don’t seem to be accomplishing as much as your peers, you need to focus on your journey only.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, when you try it, you’ll probably realize your habit of comparing yourself to others is so deeply ingrained, you aren’t aware you’re doing it half the time. Self-awareness is key with this one, so the second you realize you’re getting down on yourself, stop your thought process and turn your mind toward reasons you’re grateful to be you.

Do Positive Affirmations Every Morning

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I know, this one may seem cliche, but saying positive affirmations to yourself has been proven to decrease levels of health-deteriorating stress and rumination, and increase levels of academic achievement, according to research reported by Positive Psychology

This can be as simple as taking twenty seconds to look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re loved and capable, or as detailed as taking an hour of your morning to do a meditation practice dedicated to self-love.

It’s simple, easy to incorporate into your everyday routine, and can have life-changing benefits—why not give it a shot?

Leave Affirming Notes You Can Find Later

You know the feeling when someone gives you a genuine compliment out of the blue? You get all warm and fuzzy inside and will probably remember that moment for days, or weeks to come? Well, why not do the same thing for yourself?

All you need to do is sit down with some pen and paper, jot down a few self-affirming compliments, and hide the little notes around your house, car, or office at work. As time goes on and you slowly forget where you hid the notes and every time you unexpectedly find one, it will fill you with a little joy and self-love.

This little one-player game with yourself can seem silly, but it could end up brightening the days where you need it the most. Also, say you never forget where you hid the notes, you’ll know exactly where to go when you need a little confidence-boost.

Find Peace with Failure

Think about all of the times you’ve failed in your life (I know, pretty overwhelming, right?). Now, think about who you would be if you hadn’t gone through those experiences, regardless of how hard or painful they were. You wouldn’t be nearly as strong, smart, or brave as you are now, would you?

This is a great first step to take when finding peace with failure. Failure is obviously not ideal, but everyone endures it. On top of that, we all end up benefiting from it in some way down the road 99% of the time. So when failure comes knocking, think about all the ways you could potentially grow from it. 

When having to say goodbye to something, you’re often one short step away from saying hello to a new, exciting adventure. Of course, we should take time to come to terms with the goodbyes and defeats we go through, but if we focus on the exciting opportunities and growth that could be on the horizon because of them, accepting failure becomes exceptionally easier.

What are other tips do you have for overcoming self doubt. Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.