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The weekend is over and here comes Monday. She is all smiles, and we are all frowns. We know what it truly means. It means another week of endless meeting and deadlines. We must put out fires that happened over the weekend on top of the messes that comes to us during the week. I want to SCREAM just thinking about it. However, I have found a way to help you combat those negative feelings about the work week. Positive Affirmations. Positive Affirmations are self-reflective quotes that give you the mental boost you need for the day. Good vibes are sure to come when you read a Positive Affirmation.

Although, I have read many Positive Affirmations in my time, I’ve decided to write my own to give a more personal element to my situations. Every week, I will share five new affirmations to help you prepare for the work week with a new determined spirt. No more dreading Mondays. Check out this week’s affirmations and optional exercise.

Positive Affirmations of the Week:

Positive Affirmations FEED the Soul
Positive Affirmations feed the soul

1. Smile! It brightens up the world a little.

2. The chapters are still being written…don’t count yourself out.

3. Self-reflection is an ongoing process. Keep learning yourself, it gets better.

4. Toxic traits can be broken and unlearned with self-love, patience, and self-discovery.

5. The stars in the sky are GOD’s winks to YOU.  

Mirror Exercise (optional):

Mirror exercise in ACTION
Mirror exercise in action

In this exercise, you will choose one or you can decorate the mirror with all the affirmations. Whichever, works best for you. Do this the night before, so when you wake up and head to the bathroom those beautiful, insightful quotes will be the first things you see as you get ready for the day. When you chose one for the day, repeat it two or three times. Let it wash over you and penetrate that hard armor you have. The mind needs to be calm and peaceful, that is how you have a good productive day in the mist of chaos.

Remember to Look Within

In conclusion, each of these quotes, make you look within and bring out the you that has been waiting to shine. We all get down and out when it comes to work life or just life in general. These serve as a reminder that you are doing amazing, and that you are not even halfway done learning about yourself. There are still many layers to be uncovered. So, remember to be kind to oneself. The mind is a powerful thing, and we want to feed it with wonderful, nice, calm, beautiful words. You are welcome to share these with loved ones, just make sure to give credit, my pen name is Cat E.

Which positive affirmation is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.