We are back with another round of Positive Affirmations to help you start the work week on solid ground. You have been doing amazing and instilling that good energy into your daily life will only push you to accomplish more of your dreams and aspirations. So, before you get started on conquering the world, once again: read, repeat, and remember. These affirmations are your gateway into a new realm. The Mirror Exercise is optional but highly recommended.

Affirmations of the Week:

Self care journal that reads "I am the author of my story."
Self care journal that reads “I am the author of my story.”

1. You are beautiful, amazing, and one-of-a-kind.

2. Your beauty and brains are priceless artifacts.

3. Normalize not having life figured out just yet.

4. Shoot for the moon, the stars are just the first level.

5. The heart beats the same, a mile a minute. Take the chance.

Mirror Exercise (optional):

Positive affirmation stickers on mirror
Positive affirmation stickers on mirror

Again, in this exercise, you will choose one or you can decorate the mirror with all the affirmations. Whichever, works best for you. Do this the night before, so when you wake up and head to the bathroom those beautiful, insightful quotes will be the first thing you see as you get ready for the day. When you chose one for the day, repeat it two or three times. Let it wash over you and penetrate that hard armor you have. The mind needs to be calm and peaceful, that is how you have a productive day amid chaos.

In conclusion, just continue to read, repeat, and remember these affirmations. They are here to remind you how wonderful and beautiful you are. You are on the right track and the small goals you have set for yourself will come to fruition in due time. Keep moving forward. You are welcome to share these with loved ones, just make sure to give credit. My pen name is Cat E.

Are you feeling this week’s affirmations? Let us know in the comments below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.