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McCormack-Lyons can manifest change by creating complex social cause experiential events and Multiple Media Content distribution platforms. Nearly 2 decades ago McCormack-Lyons launched the “Women’s International Film Festival. She did so to `Recognize, Showcase and Honor Women FilmMakers + Positive Women-Themed Movies”.

An Excerpt from the Professional Bio states,  “McCormack Lyons is a persistent advocate and catalyst for empowering women and changing how women are portrayed and perceived in the media.

In 2005, Yvonne founded The Women’s International Film & Arts Festival (WIFF) with the mission to empower women’s visions and voices; to create a safe venue for women to screen, promote and market their films; and to address issues that impact women globally while celebrating women’s accomplishments.

After only two years, WIFF was awarded withThe New Times Newspaper’s Miami’s Best Film Festival award. WIFF received this prestigious recognition once again in 2013.

The next stage of McCormack-Lyons’ journey is to solidify the power of her influence in the culture-defining multimedia creative and entertainment content storytelling industry. McCormack-Lyons is doing so by having launched “WIFF TV”, a Feature Film, Documentary + TV programming Live + On Demand streaming service. She, of course, is doing so with a laser focus on women creators, as well as positive and progressive women’s subject matter.

During the pandemic business shut down McCormack-Lyons focused on herReel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment” podcast; of which she is the host + producer. McCormack-Lyons launched Reel Moments: With BadAss Women in Film & Entertainment” in partnership with PBS Channel 2 (WPBT-2) and It is now streaming on iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, I-Heart Radio, and where most podcasts are found.

Yvonne is often asked to speak around the world including Cartagena, Colombia; Liverpool, England; Toronto, Canada; and throughout the US regarding women in film, women in entertainment and media, and women in business.” As a result, she has consulted on the production of Women oriented film festivals in Colombia and other destinations.

McCormack-Lyons is working to produce the first post-pandemic shut-down relaunch of the Women’s International Film Festival, in Manhattan, New York, NY, March 22-23, 2023. Those dates will put the production of WIFF during International Women’s + Women’s History Month; during which time WIFF should be showcased. It will be produced for the first time as a Live In-Person + Hybrid Event, being streamed live and on-demand on WIFF-TV.

The next iteration of the Women’s International Film Festival in NYC will focus on what is most likely its most important mission, which is to create buzz about women created and subject matter in film and TV content. The objective is to create that buzz with the influencers, decision-makers, financiers, distributors, networks; and of course, the consumer influencers.

The call is out for you to get involved, with the 2023 Women’s International Film Festival whether you are a novice or high-powered entertainment industry executive, a new or firmly established content creator, a media industry influencer, or a wannabe in any of those categories, Women’s International Film Festival can be your gateway to your next big thing.

I do not want to forget the fans or potential fans of women-owned films or women’s subject matter entertainment, participate in person at the live event, stream live on WIFF TV or on Demand on WIFF TV; because it will be great entertainment.

As you might have noticed in captions on some of the images, there will be what you’d expect of tier one level film festival production; including full-length feature films, documentaries, short, narratives, foreign films +  musicals. There will be special programming, panel discussions with Women film creators, actors, film + TV industry executives, Media mavens and so much more.

Yes, there will be special events, to promote meaningful networking through social engagement, introductions and serendipitous encounters. One of the most sought-after events will be the awards event on Saturday night, which will honor the films and other content projects voted the best by participating entertainment industry executives + mavens.

Yvonne McCormack-Lyons is a Dream Weaver, who can help you manifest your creative storytelling visions into monetizable Theatrical Feature Film, TV, and On-Line Content!!!

Brand Sponsor/Partnership opportunities are available for the overall Women’s International Film Festival or any part of it. For more information contact Drew Barrett, Global 3T,; +1 (312) 933-6525. For additional insights on Sponsor/Partnership opportunities use the link

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