As filmmakers across the world aim for their work to make it onto the big screens, Tucci & Company has grown a business to assist them along the way. Tucci & Company can be considered a home for storytellers and filmmakers alike. Founders Damiano and Tiziano Tucci are following a mission to create a business that helps individuals who are seeking to tell their stories on the screen. Even throughout the limitations that COVID-19 has placed on the world of filmmaking, Tucci & Company is thriving and continues to provide only the best services to their customers.

The Tucci brothers have developed a business that provides a multitude of services such as consulting, project development, financing, production and distribution. The young entrepreneurs have cultivated their experiences and created helpful services that would help any aspiring filmmaker starting their journey in the entertainment industry. Tucci & Company has focused on bringing only the best possible resources to any narrative or commercial project, no matter the scope or delivery platform.

Damiano Tucci has produced notable work as a co-founder of Park Productions and brings his experience, passion, and creativity into Tucci & Company. Damiano has produced outstanding work such as films including Rob Reiner’s LBJ with Woody Harrelson, The Last Word starring Shirley MacLaine and Amanda Seyfried, Rob Cohen’s Hurricane Heist starring Maggie Grace, Ryan Kwanten, and Toby Kebell and Lea Thompson’s The Year of Spectacular Men starring Zoey Deutch, which premiered at LA Film Festival and showcased at the Napa Valley Film Festival.

The other half of Tucci & Company, classically trained musician and filmmaker Tiziano Tucci, brings his expertise in writing and directing. Tiziano produced projects from 2013 to 2019, including Lea Thompson’s “The Year of Spectacular Men” starring Zoey Deutch, Jesse Bradford and Cameron Monaghan, which premiered at LA Film Festival and was featured at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2017.

Founders Damiano and Tiziano Tucci

Combining the brothers’ skill sets, their partnership has blossomed into Tucci & Company. The two businessmen have nurtured an environment where those with hopes, dreams, and passions can come as they are and ask for help in achieving their goals. From start to finish, the Tucci brothers ensure that their customers are being taken care of each step of the way. They recognize that the process of developing such projects can be a difficult one, which is why their services are so helpful to those who don’t know where to start.

You can trust that Tucci & Company thoroughly understands the industry as Tiziano has produced extensive commercial campaigns for Apple, American Express, Samsung, Toyota, and Google.

In addition, Tiziano has two feature films and a series currently in development with Tucci & Company. He is writing and directing a rom-com web-series set during COVID-19 that will explore production in this time and serve as uplifting content during the pandemic.

Tucci & Company’s business is helping those find a voice in an industry that can feel impossible to break through at times. They continue to inspire all kinds of artists and creators into making their work come to life.