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Do you still have cable? Or do you depend on online and streaming websites to keep you up to date on all your favorite TV shows? Well, depending on technology in our day and age, it is not something to shy away from. Streaming your TV shows and movies is the popular thing to do now. And we all know that the world of streaming is always trying to advance, but something we don’t often think about is at what cost?

According to David Brown with Business Wars Daily, “Google’s Creepiness Factor May Make It A Winner In Streaming TV,” most of the streaming devices like Amazon’s Firestick or Google’s Chromecast have upped their game when it comes to data in time for the holidays. With Amazon’s Firestick in particular, they upgraded the Firestick and made it so the FireTV is integrated with Alexa. This means that your FireTV has the access to all of the things Alexa does in terms of search history and what kind of stuff you are interested in. Alongside that, FireTV can connect and monitor other Amazon smart devices like your Ring security camera. This is all to serve you and have everything readily available for you.

Google’s Chromecast has taken what Amazon is giving and enhanced it in creepiness. While they have a control now and a new TV interface, they also have more data. If you think about it, Google knows everything about everything. It is the place where most information is stored, and where most of the information we receive comes from. So, why wouldn’t they have all of your information as well? They know what you listen to, where you shop online, and even where you live! But this can be a positive thing. Since Google knows you better than Amazon or any other streaming device, they can use all of the information you gave them and give you a killer TV show request. 

Are you willing the sacrifice your information for some awesome TV shows? Let us know in the comments below!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.