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Have you been trying to decide how you can give your kids a technology-free play time? Well, just go back to basics!

With everyone bored at home, parents have recently been trying to look for new ways to lower their children’s screen time. Tablets and TV’s are all the rage for children of this day and age, but parents have found that their children are loving the simple toys we all used to play with as kids.

Trucks, cars, Barbie dolls, and more are gaining popularity again and it all comes down to this: for kids, the game never ends with these classic toys. Children are able to amuse themselves for however long they need because there is no button that tells them the game is over. It is literally endless and a great use of their imagination.

Since the pandemic started, sales for Barbie dolls have spiked up nearly 30%. And get this…Barbie dolls now come in all shapes and sizes, normalizing that all bodies are beautiful and should be loved all the same. What used to be the classic Barbie doll with the long blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and skinny body frame is now outdated. There are curvy, petite, brown haired, brown eyed, and colored Barbie dolls now and the company says many more changes are still yet to come. They want their dolls to be a reflection of the beautiful world we live in today.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.