The world has changed, ladies and gents, and as to when, if ever, it will return to normal is uncertain. This, unfortunately, has put a damper on one of our most cherished weekend activities, Sunday Funday brunch. Now that most restaurants are only open for take-out or delivery, we can’t dine in and enjoy the great atmosphere and good conversations we once did. Although this has limited our abilities to get together with our family and friends both near and far, it has not made it impossible. Here are some ideas on how to retrofit your Sunday Funday brunches to the times and some recipe ideas to add some zest to one of the most cherished weekend meals.

Taking back those Sunday brunches

An entrepreneur hustling on her laptop while enjoying brunch
An entrepreneur hustling on her laptop while enjoying brunch

Taking back Sunday Funday brunches may not be as difficult as you think. People have kept long-distance relationships long before the advent of email. Though the methods of communications have advanced much since the times of paper mail and postcards the basic concept is still the same, all be it a much faster system. Some may have heard of or even used video communication apps like Skype. Others may or may not have heard of other similar apps like Zoom or Google Duo. These allow people to communicate from across the country and across the world.

I live in California and use Google Duo every Friday to call my parents so they can see their granddaughter and just to say hello. Others are using Zoom for meetups and small gatherings or to watch movies together when they are not in the same room. All these apps can be downloaded by any mobile device, so it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone or Android.

Now, how do we utilize this for Sunday Funday brunch, you ask? Well, first pick a Sunday that works for you and others. If you live in the same time zone, great. However, maybe you live in different times zones like me and my dad, schedule ahead of time. If you have busy schedules, as I know some entrepreneurs do, just work it into your schedule even if it’s just for a quick 30 minutes. If you’re traveling, do it from your hotel room. Remember, you can do this on your phone.

For the people sitting at home meeting up with grandma and grandpa or friends near and far, the backyard, patio, and living room are all good spots. Just find a nice comfortable space where you can sit and relax while you eat. And let’s not forget the people living in apartments. A small comfortable setup on your balcony or in the community courtyard will do just fine.

Now that you’ve scheduled your time and found a nice comfortable space to enjoy time with family and friends. Now, what do you eat? It’s brunch, the happy medium between breakfast and lunch. Make it fun. Mix it up. Make it yours. I always love a good plate of chilaquiles con Huevos for my breakfast and a plate of Lechon con Arroz Blanco y Maduro always hits the spot no matter what time of day. It’s just the Latino in me.

Some other ideas for a successful brunch

Chilaquiles con Huevo
Chilaquiles con Huevo

The classics never go out of style, like fruit salads with some fresh-squeezed orange juice. A cup of fresh-squeezed OJ always hits the spot in the morning. And let’s not forget the waffles, pancakes, and crepes with fruit and berries always a nice touch to a mid-morning meal. Pair them with a cool Horchata or Coquito.

But if you really want to step out and something new, try this recipe for smoked salmon dill eggs benedict. Pair this with some home fries or hashbrowns, and toast or an onion bagel, if you like, and wash it down with some Coquito. Sounds really nice right about now. Or maybe you want to try something exotic then the shakshuka is your dish. The recipe I’ll provide is a modified version of a Middle Eastern dish. It’s very healthy and easy to make.

Vegetarian options

Avocados and a lemon on a plate on a white table
Avocados and a lemon on a plate on a white table

But if you’re looking for a veggie option, I have the perfect recipes for you. It’s this zucchini egg white frittata or mini quiche. Pair this with muffin tin potatoes gratin or some fried green tomatoes.

And wash it all down with a strawberry oatmeal breakfast smoothie, OJ, Mimosa or Coquito (Virgin or Not)

And for dessert, try this blueberry coconut ricotta bowl. Other great choices for desert are flan, a yogurt parfait, or a chocolate mug cake.

These are just some options I found but feel free to make it your own by looking up other interesting recipes and make your next Sunday brunch one for the books. All recipes were provided by different cooks on As we say in Puerto Rico before we eat, Buen Provecho!

What are some of your favorite Sunday Funday brunch recipes? Let us know in the comments!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.