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Lotten Yeaney is a woman who knows how to have it all. Lotten has over 22 years of high-level, High-Tech SAP consulting leadership and accomplishments, which she pursues full-time as an Associate Director for one of the world’s big 6 Global Business Services + Consulting firms. With corporate responsibility, of which others only dream, Lotten has found the time, energy, creativity, and mastermind collective to build an increasingly impressive body of work through her L10 Group LLC. TV and Film production company, including her recent “HYDE PARK”!

Lotten successfully produced several live events under her, then LOT10 Productions company: as well as events for some of Chicago’s African cultural event Productions companies. About 5 years ago Lotten decided it was time to take her production business to a new level; and being non-risk averse, she did so by investing in her own success.

As a Liberian native, living between two continents, who is based in the US, Lotten tends to bring an African diaspora lens to all her projects. Lotten’s personal passion is to bridge the cultural gap between Africans, Americans, and other cultures while embracing ethnic differences.

Lotten’s company, L10 Group LLC focuses on developing content and events that bridge the gap in stories, characters, and experiences, particularly in the Diaspora. L10 Group LLC’s first feature film was “Skinned” (IMDb Profile + Trailer) which dealt with colorism and skin bleaching. Lotten produced “Skinned” in 2015 along with Studio 11 Films and Clarice Kulah. It was later distributed to TV One and is currently on Prime Video.

In 2021, L10 Group LLC partnered with 3LF Entertainment and produced a TV Series, written by Lotten, entitled Imported Dreams. The Description of the Show, per Lotten and her collaborators, reads “At Imported Dreams, we are here to inspire you and remind you of the magic that can come from hard work and dedication in this country, focusing on some of the amazing success stories of immigrants who have made their way to America and have seen their dreams come true within their respective industries – be it entertainment, sports, science, and innovation, or anywhere in between”.

Lotten Yeaney’s latest cinematic creation is HYDE PARK, a riveting film about a Nigerian American lawyer who takes on the challenge of defending a well-connected gay client from Uganda, its initial screening tour is coming to theatres beginning Thursday, July 14. This dramedy tackles several topics considered “taboo” in the Black and African communities such as acceptance of the LGBTQ+ Community and the mixing of romantic relationships between the two communities. In the film, Hyde Park is an affluent neighborhood in Chicago where these cultural differences still exist. The message in HYDE PARK is to love whomever you choose, unconditionally.

The film was originally released in Studio Movie Grill theaters in five markets including Atlanta, Houston, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, and Dallas. This past month it was screened in the Chicago community, with the same name Hyde Park; U of Chicago + Obamaland.

As Executive Producer Lotten Yeaney commented “I made HYDE PARK with the intention of bringing attention to the separations that are happening in the U.S., despite living in the most diverse country in the world. The idea of strictly adhering to one’s cultural norms does not allow for growth or change. As much as our cultural differences celebrate us, they can also bring shame. I hope viewers will watch this film and have a positive takeaway about the power of standing up for what is right and loving unconditionally.”

Not one to rest on initial efforts or her laurels, whatever that means, Hyde Park is now under consideration for screenings at some of the nation’s film festivals, including Sundance, Chicago International, and others. Yvonne McCormick-Lyons, CEO of Women’s International Film Fest TV (WIFF) Streaming Service and the 2023 WIFF (Women’s International Film Festival), Relaunch, in New York City, has offered to help her with all of her industry resources.

Lotten was recently recognized by Essence Communications as a guest speaker at this year’s Essence Festival Beauty Carnival, where she talked about skin bleaching and colorism. She continues to give back to the community by supporting causes and conversations that provoke change.

Check out the WGN Ch.9 TV, 6 PM News, Interview of Lotten and Kenneth Okolie, the male lead star of Hyde Park,; in which, I must say, “She Looks Absolutely MarVoLus”; and presents like the BOSS she is! I, as a friend, supporter, and wannabe collaborator, am committed to helping her to enable her to ascend to Moguldum!

Regarding Lotten’s Technology career, Using Technology to enable Procurement Organizations is Lotten Yeaney’s specialty. She has spent over 20 years in Information Technology managing and leading complex multi-year global projects. Lotten has worked in various sectors including Consumer Products, Pharmaceuticals, and the Oil and Gas sector, and delivered consistent results. It has been said of Lotten, is “not your typical IT professional”, she’s extremely energetic, creative, warm, and always has a welcoming smile.

As mentioned earlier in the article Lotten is passionate about giving back to her community. In Lotten’s own words, “Watching people who are passionate about serving, has brought so much joy to my life. #TheBasechicago family is growing and now we have a Bus to move around in comfort. Plus we’ve added 2 new Superheroes to the family #JeremyRenner #hawkeye and #VanessaHudgens #Highschoolmusical THANK YOU for gifting our kids at THE BASE CHICAGO!”

Lotten is a mother of a young adult, who enjoys the help of a very supportive mother. She owns a beautiful sanctuary home, with multiple workspaces, in Chicago. It is the perfect setting for more TV + Film projects concept development, script writing, production planning, and executive producing, leading to Grammys + Oscar’s. Did I mention she serves several international corporate IT clients? Lotten will continue to have it all!