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So you want to become an entrepreneur? Great. Everybody has to start somewhere and today is that day for you! From business to real estate to even tech, these types of entrepreneurs showcase different forms of entrepreneurship in the form of movies. As their respective movies go in depth about their respective industry, they create inspiration for the average up and coming entrepreneur, providing a format to start their career. Here is a guide to being an business owner through the movies for different types of entrepreneurship.

Business Entrepreneurship

When you think of entrepreneurship, your first thought comes to business, doesn’t it? So when it comes down to it, the business entrepreneur is essentially seen as an innovator since they create businesses for investment. They invest in the business itself as they believe that it may bring those tons of revenue to ultimately become the next booming startup. Below are some movies that showcase business entrepreneurship. If you’re planning on becoming a business entrepreneur (because let’s face it, a good majority of entrepreneurs focus on business) these movies are great as inspiration to get into the world of business.

Wall Street


Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

The Wolf of Wall Street

Why should you watch these movies? They present greed within the business industry and how it can lead to an unethical path. They also go in depth about the cautionary tale of having everything you want one day and then having nothing the next. Goes to show what an entrepreneur should and shouldn’t be.

Real Estate Entrepreneurship

Real estate entrepreneurship, although isn’t as big in popularity as business or tech, it still is important as it provides directly into properties (yes this includes houses). Within the real estate entrepreneur, they buy into the property itself, make improvements on it (depending on how much repair it needs) and then later sell it for a profit. They invest in the real estate market instead of the business market as it creates an uprise in investments involving properties. The movies that best showcase entrepreneurship in real estate are The Big Short (2015), and Margin Call (2011). Even though these two movies only talk about the 2007-08 recession, they do provide some insight into the real reasons behind this financial crisis. If you want to become a real estate entrepreneur, these movies are great to understand how the industry shows itself.

The Big Short

Margin Call

Why should you watch these movies? They go in depth about the risks and cautions that comes with real estate entrepreneurship. They also explain complex financial concepts, such as subprime mortgages and collateralized debt obligations (CDOs).

Tech Entrepreneurship

With tech entrepreneurship, the focus of their selling point all directly relates to, you guessed it, tech. The tech entrepreneur itself uses it to not only invest in things like the internet, but also makes technological advances within our current time. They invest in the tech industry as they believe that technology is rising to become one the biggest investments today. If your future lies with being a tech entrepreneur, these movies are a great source of inspiration to get your foot into the industry.

Steve Jobs

The Great Hack

Why should you watch these movies? They show the psychology of the modern entrepreneur as it reveals the history between the start of a company and its relationship with business investors, partners, competitors, etc. They also present a way to find the pinnacle of success within the tech industry.

Even though these movies show different versions of entrepreneurship, they all manage to include different perspectives for entrepreneurs to present a multifaceted world of both entrepreneurship itself and the culture we surround it with. Learning about entrepreneurship through movies may not be the best idea overall, but there are still a few things to take away from them. Ultimately, this can create ideas for either starting a business or making your business better. So get to watching those movies; you may find some helpful things along the way.

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