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Gift-giving season is here! It’s something we all have to do at one time or another: buy presents for the newlywed couples in our lives. But how do you avoid getting them something they’ll just want to return or that another person will end up getting them? Easy: you customize a unique keepsake for them! Here’s our guide to getting the best gift for newlywed couples. You’ll never get stuck thinking of a present for newlyweds or giving up and grabbing a last-minute gift when you go through these steps.

Know Your Recipients

Let’s be honest: not all newlywed couples are the same. Your cousin in her young twenties marrying her high school sweetheart is going to have a very different gift wishlist than your great-aunt who’s remarrying for the third time. It also matters if the couple has already been living together. For instance, a customized door mat will be much more thoughtful if they don’t already have a doormat that they picked out together. You first need to establish what this couple’s circumstances, needs, and relationship with you are before you can determine the best gift to give them.

Anyone can appreciate a keepsake, but it’s best to get one that fits their personality. A minimalist couple may not appreciate a giant display, but some may absolutely love a big, bold, bright wall art display, especially if it has sentimental value. There are plenty of ways to incorporate your knowledge of the newlyweds into creating their perfect gift! That’s where the next step comes in.

Explore Your Options

Obviously, there are unlimited options for what you could give the newlyweds, but you aren’t going for just anything: you want the best gift possible. That’s likely going to take some exploration. Now that you know your recipients and have thought about what would make sense to give them, you can consider the array of options that are possible for the specific couple.

We’ve seen some really unique options that are tailor-made for the newlyweds’ shared interests.  Two people who love to travel might love a customized map for their wall. The couple that loves cooking together might enjoy personalized kitchen decor. For the outdoor types, get monogrammed tables or camping chairs. Big board gamers will get a kick out of a deck of playing cards with their engagement pictures on the backs, while video gamers might like a custom TV stand that has clear labels for where “his” and “hers” controllers are kept.

With this kind of gift, thoughtfulness is a lot more important than the size of the present. Here are a few small but powerful ideas that we’ve compiled to help you get your creative juices flowing:

  • A Christmas ornament commemorating their wedding
  • A customized magnet showing their together home
  • A personalized calendar for their first year of marriage
  • An engraved coaster set with their new shared last name
  • A jigsaw puzzle of one of their engagement or wedding pictures

The possibilities are endless!

Add a Sentimental Touch

If there’s a stage of life to be extra sentimental, it’s definitely the honeymoon phase. Help these newlyweds enjoy this time of their lives by adding a sentimental touch to their present. This can be an overt nod to their special day, such as incorporating their anniversary, or to other aspects of their relationship, such as how they met or got together. They’ll appreciate you helping them embrace their hopeless romantic sides with a meaningful gift.

Make It Your Own

If you want this to be a gift they’ll never forget, you need to show that it’s from you, not just a great gift for them. Maybe you can incorporate something from an inside joke or how you met one or both of them, or, even better, a memory the three of you share. It’s so powerful to have a gift that means something. For example, you can incorporate elements of your shared alma mater in the gift, or you can get a customized engraving that hearkens back to a specific good time. That way, this gift will not just be tailor-made for them, but it also couldn’t have come from anyone else. You’re present is guaranteed to be the most unique!