Love is a powerful emotion with highs and lows. The moment you fall in love, the world seems beautiful and attainable. You smile every day even when it’s bad because you know at the end of that day, you will get to talk to your favorite person. The love of your life. They can make any situation better just by being themselves, loving on you, and showing you how you can count on them to be there. On the other side of love is the hurt and heartbreak. Love can and will crash and burn. That is okay. To have loved and lost is natural and is not the end of the world. Although, at the time it may seem true.

However, if you are like me, a hopeless romantic, you are always looking for your happily ever after, even when the thought of falling in love again seems impossible. At this very moment in my life, I am finally ready to fall back in love. It has been a year and a half since I ended a four-year relationship. Man, it is scary, yet exhilarating as I ready to receive love. Although I have grown more cautious in the love department, I believe it is still worth the risk. I say all this to say, be bold and let love in. Find that piece of happiness again. To help you along the way are eight original affirmations to remind you to try love once more.

Falling in Love

Entrepreneur placing love note on mirror
Entrepreneur placing love note on mirror
1) Love is worth the leap of faith.
2) Preparing to fall in love feels like standing on the edge of a cliff.
3) A love poem a day keeps the hurt away.
4) To be smitten in the first weeks is a sign you are ready for your happily ever after to commence.
5) Back in the game? Prepare to kiss a lot of toads before the “ONE” reveals his/herself.
6) The heart blossoms from the hurt he/she endured. Do not shy away from the pain. You are a fierce survivor.
7) Instant love is not only in the movies. Love can come quick and fast or slow and steady. Trust the process.
8) Love and friendship are connected. Be their friend as well as their lover. The best love stories start out as two friends letting love in.

In the end, love is beautiful, special, and meant to be shared. We all deserve it and just because you have loved and lost a few times means nothing except they were not your forever. They came into your life for a season and a reason. A blessing in the love departmental comes when said heart is open and filled with pure intentions. I, for one will continue to be ready for love. Enjoy and remember, you deserve it.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.