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One of my most romantic dates ever happened 15 years ago—my first date with my future husband. We were cooped up in my studio apartment for eight hours. No, it wasn’t during a snowstorm. It was by choice. We simply enjoyed each other’s company and had no interest doing anything else except being close to each other. We talked, laughed, kissed, and listened to music.

Skeptics would think that by now we’d be bored of each other. We’re not. In fact, our quarantine time together during 2020 was awesome. We played board games, cooked together, went for long drives, and even created music together for the very first time. I took singing lessons a few years ago but was too nervous to do anything about it. My husband is a professional musician. Together we wrote a song parody about COVID19 to the tune of The Beatles’ “The Two of Us” then made a YouTube video and sent it to all our friends.

If you’re with the right person, spending Valentine’s Day quarantined at home can be everything you are as a couple—fun, romantic, and interesting.

Here are some great ideas to start you off, but you can certainly make them your own:

Valentine’s Day: Quarantine Edition

1) Dinner and a Movie
Couple drinking wine while watching movie together during Valentine's Day quarantine
Couple drinking wine while watching movie together during Valentine’s Day quarantine

I can hear readers laughing and saying to themselves, “What’s so special about that? It’s exactly what we’ve been doing since 2020!” Well, I’m not suggesting a regular pizza and rom-com night. How about going back to when you first began dating and you were both trying to impress each other? Instead of chillin’ in sweatpants, put on something nice. Set the dining room table, light candles, and use good silverware. Or if you live in a small place, create an atmosphere around eating on the floor. Cute pillows, decorative napkins, and smooth tunes go a long way. Treat yourselves to take-out from a five-star restaurant. Or better yet, cook together. And as for the movie selection, I’d recommend going out of the comfort zone—for both of you. If you usually watch comedies, try something more thought-provoking that you can discuss afterwards while having a nightcap. Perhaps something historic or spiritual?

2) Read a Book Together

What you read is up to you. It can be something funny and cheesy or serious and deep. Take turns reading chapters over a bottle of wine and see where the night takes you!

3) Support Live Music—Virtually
Singer performing live on stage for virtual concert
Singer performing live on stage for virtual concert

O-Town, Josh Groban, and Laurie Berkner are three major acts having live virtual concerts on Valentine’s Day. Get cozy with someone special and share the experience of live music—right from your own home!

4) Double Date at Home

Is there another couple you’re good friends with? Have them over for dinner and a night of trivia and double the fun!

5) Spa Night
Entrepreneur pouring coconut milk into bath filled with rose petals
Entrepreneur pouring coconut milk into bath filled with rose petals

Taking a couple’s bath in a tub filled with rose petals and essential oils followed by giving each other a massage is the way to go. You might be so relaxed you might make it an early night. What’s more romantic than cuddling and falling asleep in each other’s arms?

6) Work Out Together

Instead of the traditional dinner and a movie, how about dinner and a work-out? If anything, that would certainly help get over the guilt of over-indulging in chocolate treats on this special day. Being active helps improve confidence—especially in the bedroom.

7) Create
Couple painting wall together on Valentine's Day
Couple painting wall together on Valentine’s Day

Everyone has a special talent. What’s yours? Take this opportunity to create with your date. Paint together. Write. Take photographs. Make music. Collaborating with someone special is a genuine bonding experience. Let your imagination run wild.

8) Make a Vision Board

Is your relationship getting serious? Valentine’s Day is a great day to talk about the future; after all many couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. So, why not make a vision board to celebrate your future? Clipping out inspiring words and photos from magazines will deepen your connection as you envision your hopes, goals, and dreams together.

9) Make Beautiful Music Together
Couple sining together and making music on patio
Couple sining together and making music on patio

Whether you have musical talent or not, give it a go and write a song about each other. It can be funny or heartfelt. Have a few drinks and see what sort of creativity sparks.

10) Reminisce

Have you been a couple for a while? When was the last time you went through photos of yourselves together? With all forms of social media, it seems like people are always in the moment. But it’s just as exciting to look back at all you’ve been through together. Remember that cousin’s wedding you didn’t want to attend, but you—as a couple—ended up having more fun than the bride and groom? Or how about that spur of the moment cross-country road trip? Looking back at those photos will certainly put smiles on your faces. Maybe you can recreate one of them?

Do you think you’ll try any of these ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And, have a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.