As a country, we have struggled with COVID-19 this past year—hard. From keeping it under control to finding the resources and the help to find a vaccine, COVID-19 has kicked our butts. But one of the biggest struggles is one that not a lot of people talk about anymore. Nurses.

Finding nurses who are available and qualified to take on the virus has been a hardship for the United States. Everywhere we turn, the virus keeps getting worse and the people who were able to face it kept thinning out. As a matter of fact, 87% of the nurses who were qualified and working felt as though they were not readily equipped to handle the virus.

Hospitals started scrambling to keep their cool and to find more nurses to cover shifts, but it just kept getting worse. On top of that, nursing was already a scarce profession before the pandemics started. So, hospitals were practically begging to get anyone who was qualified enough to work there. 

Then technology came into play. 

ConnectRN is a website where nurses, aids, and assistants are able to do their best work in the best way. It gives nurses a chance to make money on their own terms, meaning they get to choose the days they work in a COVID-19 filled facility. Nurses get to design their own schedules, join a reward program made by ConnectRN, and get paid up to $45.00 per hour. In order to qualify for this online way of nursing, you must be over 18 years old, have appropriate health care credentials, and pass a background check and drug screening. All in all, ConnectRN helps nurses gain experience while helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the process.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, there are some cons to connectRN and other freelancing type nursing jobs like it. Although it may seem like a full-time gig, the reality is that you aren’t working as a full-time employee to a specific place of employment. You won’t get the benefits and with COVID-19, having benefits as a cushion to fall back on would be really useful. But if the pay outweighs the lack of benefits, I think it’s the perfect job for all per diem nurses ready to take on the world.

Are you a nurse working gigs during the pandemic? Let us know your experiences down in the comments below.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.