Microsoft recently announced that it would be launching a major update to the Windows operating system. This time, they won’t be jumping numbers, it’ll be known as Windows 11. The release is rumored to be coming in October this year. Its predecessor, Windows 10 was released nearly 6 years ago. At its time, the operating system was a significant upgrade over Windows 7. However, it still didn’t seem to compare with the Mac operating system.

Windows 11 is expected to transform the layout of the operating system from the start menu to the applications. Changing the overall user interface (UI) will surely catch the eyes of users. Looking at images of what’s to come, you may find yourself double checking that you’re not using a Mac product. Moving the start menu to the center of the screen will be one of the first noticeable changes beyond the UI. In addition, Microsoft claims the update will provide better security and smartphone compatibility.

With a new UI and now smartphone compatibility this could draw in more PC users. Anyone who owns a Mac takes pride in how clean the interface is and the compatibility with their iPhone. Users choose these items and the hefty price tag that comes with an Apple product. Now you may be able to easily use your iPhone with any Windows 11 compatible PC. As a result, this could give more options and change a user’s willingness to pay the big Mac price.

With the new update coming, everyone’s wondering if and when they can get it. In order to check your current PC’s capability or the type of PC needed to use it visit Microsoft.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.