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In the ever-evolving world of social media, new platforms are constantly emerging, vying for the attention of users and entrepreneurs alike. One such entrant is Threads, a text-based social network launched by Meta, the parent company of Instagram. This platform is designed to rival Twitter, offering a fresh space for entrepreneurs to connect, share ideas, and build their brand.

What is Threads and How to Get Started?

Threads is a text-based social media platform developed by Meta, designed to compete with Twitter. It’s linked to your Instagram account, making the account creation process as simple as logging in with your Instagram credentials.

How Does Threads Differ from Twitter?

Unlike Twitter, Threads currently does not feature paid tiers or ads. However, it does carry over your verification mark from Instagram. This means if you’ve achieved Meta Verified status, it will be reflected on Threads. The platform allows users to leverage their existing Instagram network to find people to follow. However, it currently lacks some Twitter-like features such as long video, direct messages, and live audio rooms.

How to Use Threads?

Threads is available on iOS and Android in over 100 countries. However, due to privacy concerns, it’s not available in the EU. As you log in through your Instagram account, you’ll automatically follow all the people you’re already following on Instagram. Your username, name, and settings like block list will also be imported.

Threads’ User Base

Threads has seen a rapid user acquisition since its launch. Within hours, it crossed the 10 million signups mark, and within 24 hours, it passed 30 million signups.

Posting Limitations on Threads

On Threads, users can post up to 500 characters in one post. The posts can include images, videos, and GIFs, with a limit of up to 10 media items per post.

Threads Web Accessibility

While you can view Thread posts and profiles on the web through a link, you cannot log in through your own account and make posts.

Deleting Your Threads Account

You can deactivate your Threads account. However, to completely delete the account, you must delete your Instagram account, as per Meta’s “Supplemental Privacy Policy.”

Threads’ Timeline

Currently, Threads does not have a timeline that shows posts only from accounts you follow. The home timeline is algorithmic, mixing posts from accounts you follow with posts from other users.

Direct Messaging on Threads

Threads does not currently support direct messaging. The goal, as stated by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, is to avoid creating another inbox and instead allow people to send threads to other apps.

Threads and the Fediverse

Threads does not currently support the features of a decentralized social network, meaning you can’t migrate in or out of the server. However, ActivityPub support is on the horizon.

Missing Features on Threads

Threads is still in its early stages and lacks several features, including a “Following” feed, support for GIFs, full web version support, post editing, inline translation, user-generated Alt image text, and hashtags.

Threads’ Data Collection Practices

As Threads is linked to your Instagram account, Meta states that “it is part of your Instagram account.” This has raised questions about the app’s data collection practices, especially considering the privacy labels mentioned in the App Store.

Threads is an exciting new platform for entrepreneurs looking to expand their social media presence. As with any new tool, it’s essential to understand its features, benefits, and limitations to make the most of it. As Threads continues to evolve, it’s worth keeping an eye on how it can benefit your entrepreneurial journey.