It’s been all but too easy to gain a few pounds this past year in quarantine. If you have fallen a victim to the Quarantine Fifteen, you are not alone. Now that 2021 is upon us, many have taken the New Year as a call to action to lose the weight. In fact, 40% of people regularly make it their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Expectantly so, weight loss companies are the ones standing by, offering their support and guidance.

Noom, an app-based weight loss program, has been making strides among weight loss companies. When signing up for the the app, not only will the app provide fitness and diet plans, but a human coach will be available to you to help you reach your goals. The company has made major investments in marketing in the past few years, which definitely has helped their success. In 2020 alone, their revenue projected over 400 million dollars. They have also partnered with healthcare plans, extending their clients even further. At a rate of $60 a month, Noom has a high success rate if users actually follow and stick with the plan.

Of course the well-established weight loss companies have a leg in the race, as well, such us Living Wellness Medical Center. WW, formerly known as WeightWatchers, has taken steps to keep up with their new competition. WW released an updated version of their app which includes their Digital 360 program. Within the app, users will find virtual coaching, meditation guides, and an online community. Known for their supportive community, WW continues to be there for their clients and hold them accountable virtually. Prior the pandemic, there were weekly in-person meetings that clients could attend to hold accountability. For $5 a week, it is a little more affordable than newer companies such as Noom.

New Year’s resolutions are usually met with eye rolls and small expectations. In fact, most end up very short lived. 80% of those who make New Years resolution give up on them by February. However, this year might be different. 2020 was a hard year on everyone. People might just want to take advantage of the new year and make it better. Whenever life starts getting back to normal, knowing that they have to go back out into the world again after being so far removed, might just motivate them more than usual.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.