Twitter has undergone a significant makeover, bidding farewell to its iconic bird logo and embracing a bold change – the letter ‘X’ as its official logo. This decisive move was announced by Elon Musk over the weekend, and the new logo is already live on the website.

Interestingly, Musk tweeted that now redirects to, indicating a convergence of branding. In his post, Musk referred to the ‘X’ logo as an “interim” choice, hinting at the possibility of further logo changes in the future.

Beyond just replacing the logo, it appears that Twitter’s transformation is more comprehensive. Musk disclosed that the company is planning to eventually move away from the Twitter brand and gradually eliminate all bird-related elements.

Late on Sunday, Musk changed his profile picture to the new Twitter logo, and the official account of Twitter, @Twitter, followed suit, adopting the new ‘X’ logo.

In a reply to a user, Musk teased a new lingo, suggesting that people might refer to Tweets as “X’s.”

Linda Yaccarino, the company’s CEO, expressed her vision for the future of Twitter. She highlighted that while Twitter revolutionized communication, the ‘X’ identity would go further by incorporating features centered around audio, video, messaging, and payment/banking, transforming it into a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities.

Musk’s fondness for the letter ‘X’ is well-known, considering his history with, which eventually evolved into PayPal, and the ‘X’ logo used by his space startup SpaceX. Moreover, he recently founded an AI company named In April, the social network, under Musk’s ownership, officially changed its legal name from Twitter Inc. to X Corp.

Having spoken multiple times about transforming Twitter into the “X, the everything app,” this latest logo change isn’t the first time Musk has influenced Twitter’s visual identity. Earlier this year, he briefly swapped the logo to the Doge meme. Interestingly, a developer created an extension to avoid the doge logo, and it can also restore the previous bird logo quickly.

It’s worth noting that Twitter’s iconic bird logo wasn’t part of the initial years of its existence. In 2010, the company officially adopted the emblematic logo known as “Larry the bird,” named after the legendary Boston Celtics basketball player Larry Bird.

The decision to rebrand comes in the wake of Musk acknowledging Twitter’s financial challenges, with “negative cash flow” attributed to a “-50% drop in advertising revenue plus heavy debt load.”

As Twitter embarks on this ambitious transformation, the ‘X’ logo marks a new era for the platform, one that could reshape how people interact and exchange ideas in the digital world.”