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One of the fastest growing social platforms that we have today is TikTok. Since day one of this year, everyone has been loving the app’s short video features. TikTok has started and ended most pop culture trends of 2020, and like all other apps, they want to give their users a recap of the year.

Like Spotify’s “Wrapped” and Snapchat’s “Year End Story,” TikTok wants to show all the best moments you had on the app. This is going to be called “Year on TikTok.” You’ll see how long you’ve been on the app, the kind of videos you watched, your favorite sounds and effects, how much you commented on people’s posts or shared and so much more. It will also show you what kind of style you go for based on their algorithm of videos you watch most.

This “Year on TikTok” will have its own page that you can scroll through, giving you all the highlights of this year. You can access it through your For You feed or by clicking on the “Discover” button and scrolling through the banner at the very top. 

This is TikTok’s way of giving you a year’s worth of funny memories and seeing how the trends have changed throughout the year. It’ll be a throwback of great videos that you love. 

What are your thoughts on the platform’s new feature? What kind of videos do you watch on the app? Let us know down below!

This article originally published on GREY Journal.