In the United Kingdom, they have gone through three coronavirus lockdowns. Many people are dwindling their thumbs, unsure what to do with an abundance of time. Others simply need a distraction from the cruel realties of the pandemic. Tired of looking at screens all day, many have found comfort resorting back to more hands-on activities. Hornby, a British model train company, has been a great benefactor from this trend.

Many in the UK find themselves reigniting old passions, especially for their childhood hobbies. A big hobby in the 80s and 90s having been building and playing with model trains. Many who loved Hornby back in the day must have dusted off their old sets and realized they were in desperate need of an upgrade, as sales reflect that. The sales of tracks, digital controllers, and locomotives themselves skyrocketed during the pandemic, especially compared to years prior.

Hornby was losing millions just a few years before the pandemic. Due to new management, the company started investing more money into craftsmanship. They also started targeting customers already passionate about trains. Additionally, Hornby widened their social media campaign more than ever. All of this got them back on their feet. However, the pandemic actually helped further their success.

Ultimately, Hornby found those of whom that grew up in the 80s and 90s loving model trains, now want to share the fun with their children. As it is a more traditional, hands-on activity, it allows parents to spend organic time with their children. A silver lining to this pandemic being that many families are choosing to spend their spare time together.

Although it seems like a fairytale in a land far, far away, we will eventually ease our way back into normalcy. This year will be in the rear view mirror and our busy lives will resume. When that day comes, we might just be grateful for the extra time granted us. Until then, we chug along.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.