In 2020, we experienced a lot of downfall as a country. From the pandemic to the horrible economy to gig workers not getting the pay or coverage they deserve, 2020 was the year of disaster. But one of the upsides to last year was the ability to speak out that millions had. One of those millions is a man named Willy Solis who is a worker for a delivery service and says that enough is enough.

Throughout last year, the pandemic caused people to start working independently for food delivery services or shopping services like DoorDash or Shipt. Gig workers like Solis became essential workers throughout this pandemic because people didn’t want to go outside and risk themselves, so they resorted to risking other people.

But with this pandemic and the virus spreading like wildfire, gig workers were not covered in the same way that most essential workers are. If they got COVID-19, there was no insurance that had their back or PTO that would get them through their time being sick. So, what else would you do other than protest that gig workers are essential workers, too? Not only do they not get covered if the become ill, but they aren’t even supplied with masks or protective gear to combat the virus.

What used to be fun and an easy job to complete is now difficult. With everyone signing up for things like DoorDash or Shipt, it makes it difficult for those who have been doing the work for a while to get orders or jobs. Only time will tell when gig worker will become essential in 2021.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.