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Six out of every ten Americans consume coffee every day, whether it’s a morning necessity or just part of the day. Coffee is the most popular beverage in the U.S. according to a survey by the national Coffee Association.

A new type of coffee is brewing in the sector. It has just gained forty million dollars in funding to compete with cold brew coffee businesses. Coffee crops are not environmentally friendly, so rather than using coffee beans, ATOMO uses date seeds, which would otherwise be discarded as waste. Deforestation and huge water requirements are the result of coffee cultivation.

The seeds used in the coffee are roasted, ground up, and soaked in a proprietary blend of ingredients, including grape seeds and chicory root, before being added to the mixture. The coffee is made using a proprietary process that reduces water consumption by more than ninety percent. Consumer availability starts this week, followed by a retail launch later in the year.

Foods acquired Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee in 2018. The company sources organic, sustainably grown coffee. The acquisition was motivated by Chameleon’s sourcing, not its potential in this sector. According to other sources, cold brew remains popular among millennials due to their disposable income and love for the drink. North America will see the greatest market growth.

​​Beyond its ready-to-drink cold brew, ATOMO has bigger aspirations. It is developing a ground coffee product that can be prepared like traditional coffee. Some investors assert that ‘reverse engineered products like ATOMO coffee items will become more popular as climate change affects crops.’ For now, the company’s popularity will depend on consumers’ willingness to abandon their favorite brew brands and adopt a more eco-friendly method to get their kicks in the morning.

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