We are sorry to be the bearer of bad news for those who love ice cream trucks, but the Choco Taco is no more. The Choco Taco, which has a distinct waffle cone shell and ice cream filling, has officially disappeared. Its maker, Klondike, announced the bad news on Twitter, saying “We’ve experienced a dramatic rise in demand across our whole range and have had to make really difficult choices to make sure it’s available nationwide,” The Dessert Expert said. Its full portfolio aside, the Choco Taco is not included. This announcement did not go down well with the dessert’s fans because they know the old saying, “what would you do for a Choco Taco,” among others. In fact, it elicited a lot of responses. Alexis Ohanian, an investor in Unilever Klondike, tweeted at the company’s parent firm, offering to, quote, “buy the rights to your Choco Taco and preserve it for future generations of children” after the news broke. The news has also generated a lot of buzz on Capitol Hill.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy tweeted that he would introduce a bill that would require the manufacture of choco tacos to continue, according to Murphy. Alexis Ohanian was totally serious about buying the rights to the choco taco, according to a Fortune article. While Choco taco was taken aback by the news that the desserts were in doubt, Klondike hopes that its other products, such as its traditional Klondike bar and ice cream sandwiches, will attract customers. A taco-sized gap and freezer aisle soon will be vacant, and it appears to be impossible to ever fill it with a regular ice cream sandwich. Klondike, the official Twitter account of the company, has suggested that Klondike is looking for a way to keep the Choco Taco and ice cream trucks around.

A few conspiracy-minded social media users have argued that the Choco Taco is not being phased out after all, or that this is just a gimmick to stir up some excitement around the popular item. As filmmaker payment Ben tweeted, “My friends, the Choco Taco is coming back, and they are going to be outraged as to why it has returned,” he exclaimed. “Companies are bringing back old flavours that haven’t been selling as well as they used to,” she said. We’ll see if that’s the case, given that we’re all holding our breath. In the meantime, other frozen dessert businesses are hoping that heartbroken fans will switch to them. Nestlé drumsticks, which appear almost the same as the Choco Taco, are already very popular with consumers.

Some of them took to Twitter to voice support for the Drumstick and to throw some slight shade at the Choco Taco.

Not once, one user wrote”Not once have I eaten a drumstick and thought wow, I wish this had more cone and less ice cream and was more difficult to eat”. Yeah, that one hurts if you’re a Choco Taco.

So what will the future hold for this beloved frozen dessert? Unclear. Right in the meantime, if you have a few Choco Tacos hiding away in your freezer, you may wanna hold onto to them, you know, in case of emergency.

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