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A sassy lawsuit has been filed against Texas Pete.

A California guy is suing the famed hot sauce business after discovering that it is made in North Carolina rather than Texas.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Los Angeles, Philip White purchased a bottle of Texas Pete at Ralph’s grocery in September 2021, assuming it was created in Texas, as the label says.

According to the lawsuit, White would not have purchased the sauce if he had known it was created in North Carolina, where producer TW Garner Food Company maintains its headquarters in Winston-Salem.

While the production site is not hidden because it is displayed on the rear label of the bottle, the complaint claims that the average customer would not notice.

According to the lawsuit, the label’s “distinctly Texan” iconography also added to the buyer’s confusion. According to the lawsuit, the bottle has the “famous white ‘lone’ star from the Texan flag, as well as a lassoing’ cowboy.”

TW Garner Food Co., the sauce’s parent business, notes on its website that after consulting with a marketing consultant, the firm’s founder, Sam Garner, chose Texas Pete because of the state’s “reputation for spicy food” and as a homage to his son’s nickname.

“The current factory, erected in 1942 and extended to too many times to count,” according to the website, “sits on the original Garner family house site in northwest Winston-Salem.” “And the famed Texas Pete continues to thrive, proud of his cowboy background but also a proud North Carolinian.”

However, according to White’s lawsuit, “there is surprisingly nothing Texas about them.”
“Nothing could refute the reasonable impression presented by the front label that the Products are truly created in Texas,” the complaint claims.

The plaintiffs are requesting that the court order TW Garner Food Co. to pay damages as well as modify its name and logo.

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