COVID-19 has taken over our country. And to be honest, every time we think we have it under control…cases rise, and the virus changes or gets worse. Throughout this entire pandemic, our singular goal was to beat the dang thing. When the vaccine came out, it felt like we all had hope again. But we quickly learned that the vaccine wasn’t being administered as fast as we needed it to be. So, we went back to the drawing boards.

A couple weeks ago, the Governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, gave his people some news on his plan for vaccination rollout. He wanted to find a way to administer the vaccine in a faster, more efficient way. So, he announced partnerships with companies like Starbucks and Microsoft as well as other health care and labor leaders. 

He says that these partnerships will focus on different aspects of vaccine distribution. For instance, Kaiser Permanente will be in charge of large clinics whose sole purpose is to distribute vaccines and Starbucks will help out with operational efficiency (because we all know that Starbucks lines moves fast). Alongside that, Microsoft will give their technological support and set up a vaccine distribution center on their campus.

With these companies working together with the government to rid the country of COVID-19, we should be seeing success very soon. Working together shows that we can conquer anything if we all put our brains together and see past differences. It also shows us that we don’t need, and certainly can’t, do this alone.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.