Spotivity, a Chicago startup dedicated to guiding the youth, recently raised 1 million in seed funding. This funding will be used to support the global launch of the app as it expands. This milestone, according to Founder Montana Butsch, “[took] time, determination, and a long view.”

Montana Butsch. a Chicago native, founded Spotivity in 2018. In a previous interview with the GREY Journal, Montana shared that he was inspired to create this innovative program due to the issues affecting underserved youth

Kids and teens within underserved communities don’t have many positive activities and opportunities outside of their education. Spotivity helps link kids and teens to activities and interests that they may enjoy. Not only does it give the youth more to look forward to, but it inspires them to dream and aspire for things outside of what they see in their communities.

Research also shows that afterschool programs can improve students’ educational outcomes, social and emotional learning, and school attendance. For older youth, these programs could reduce risky behaviors and help them gain career and college-needed skills.

Spotivity was made to solve issues across demographics, and encourage the youth to follow their passions. 

When asked about what advice Montana would give entrepreneurs building a startup, he had this to say:

“This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and takes lots of time, focus, and energy…It’s a ride – a bumpy one that is equal parts exciting and frustrating. Saddle up!”

Montana Butsch

This article was originally published on GREY Journal.