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Before the pandemic, people were increasingly becoming frustrated with their living situations. Paying for a tiny room in an apartment with multiple roommates causes desire for more space. When the pandemic hit, it is not a surprise to find out those frustrations heightened further. Sharing an already scarce space became more difficult. In response, many cities are offering $10,000 to relocate and work remotely from there.

A program in Tulsa, TulsaRemote, ensures that if you qualify, are able to relocate, and work remotely from Tulsa. The George Kaiser Family Foundation will help fund your new life. This initiative started before the pandemic in efforts to liven up the city and stimulate the Tulsa economy. Since the pandemic started, more applicants have been trying to take advantage of this program. Since the launch, TulsaRemote has accepted over 500 members.

Northwest Arkansas has hopped on board this trend post-pandemic. Not only do programs exist to give new residents $10,000 to work remotely, but they also will give their members a bicycle. Bentonville, Arkansas is the self proclaimed mountain biking capital of the world. They offer bikes in hopes that their new residents assimilate into their community with ease. In Northwest Arkansas, the Walton Family Foundation funds this program.

Not only will people be able to escape their tiny, shared apartments to much bigger ones, they will also be able to enjoy the outdoors and scenery that these states offer. As there is not much to do in the big cities and urban areas right now, there might not be a better time than the present to give these programs a shot.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.