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The past year has been tough, there’s no way to avoid that harsh truth. Everywhere we turned it felt like one bad thing was piling on top of another. However, there have been tiny glimmers of light and hope hidden in the past year that has helped us all push through.

From getting new puppies to investing in yourself and your own mental health to even learning the joys of cooking at home, we have made moments that we will never forget. And for some people, among those moments is actual life growing in their very own homes.

Bloomscape, a plant retail startup based in Detroit has sky-rocketed in sales over the past year. It only makes sense; I mean what other things did people want to do other than sit and watch their plants grow in the middle of pandemic? I, for one, love it.

Bloomscape is a website where you can buy a variety of different plants and have them shipped to you. From small succulents to different fruits to larger plants, Bloomscape has it all. They even have pots and care that you can use for your new plants. Justin Mast, the founder of Bloomscape and all its glory, launched this startup in 2018 for one reason… it was his passion, and it was his home.

In late 2020, Mast thought it was time to expand their business by obtaining the plant care app Vera. With those two working together to provide their customers with the best plant care experience, it was game over for other plant retailers out there.

However, the things that really makes Bloomscape stand out from the rest isn’t just the variety of plants they have or the fact that they deliver plants to your home. What makes Bloomscape truly special, in my opinion, is that they put so much time and effort into making sure you know what you are signing up for as plant parent. They make it so easy to start something new!

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.