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Amazon, more specifically Jeff Bezos, has accomplished many things over the years. From the very start of the website to their latest adventures in technology and more, Amazon has created a name for themselves that is known everywhere. But what is in store for Amazon now that its leader is hanging up their suit and tie?

Well, people have been wondering how Amazon will remain the same during this interesting transfer of power period. Now, people have an answer. Amazon is going to focus on furthering their current business and making it everything that we all know and love with the help of Adam Selipsky, Amazon’s new future CEO.

After spending five years as the Chief Executive of cloud data company, Tableau, Selipsky is going to join Amazon in the third quarter of this year. And boy, does he have some big shoes to fill! I for one, am excited to see how Amazon thrives under the control of Selipsky. Selipsky seems to know what he is doing, and I think he will be a great replacement for Bezos.

What will Bezos be doing with his newfound free time?

Hopefully he will be relaxing. It’s rumored that he is looking to branch out into other, bigger, and better things the business world has to offer. While still finding the time to do what he loves, Bezos is interested in looking at space and maybe we can see a collab with him and Elon Musk in the near future…  One thing is for sure, even though Bezos has said goodbye to Amazon, that doesn’t mean he’s going anywhere.

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This article is originally published on GREY Journal.