In the vibrant landscape of tech investments, not all headline-grabbing funding rounds are earmarked for generative AI startups. NinjaOne, a leading firm in endpoint management, security, and monitoring, recently announced a significant $231.5 million in Series C funding. The round was spearheaded by Iconiq Growth, marking a minority investment that propelled the valuation of the Austin, Texas-based company to an impressive $1.9 billion.

The realm of endpoint security and management stands as a foundational component of the cybersecurity sector, a truth that has only grown in importance in today’s era of remote and hybrid work environments. The shift to working outside traditional office settings, across diverse networks and devices, has underscored the critical nature of securing endpoints.

Sal Sferlazza, NinjaOne’s founder and CEO, highlighted the current era as “the decade of the endpoint,” driven by the global shift towards remote and hybrid work models during and following the pandemic. He emphasized the dual nature of endpoints as both a risk and an opportunity, whether for managed service providers overseeing the IT needs of businesses or CIOs managing corporate infrastructures.

NinjaOne’s technology, which facilitates automated endpoint management, currently serves over 17,000 customers across more than 80 countries, boasting an annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth exceeding 70% in the previous year.

The investment round not only signifies a milestone for NinjaOne but also ranks as one of the most significant funding achievements for U.S.-based startups this year, particularly within the cybersecurity domain. It follows closely behind Quantinuum, a company based in Broomfield, Colorado, which led the sector with a $300 million equity fundraise earlier this year.

Despite a dip in venture capital funding for cybersecurity firms to its lowest point since 2018 last year, the sector is witnessing a resurgence in investment activity. According to data, cybersecurity ventures attracted $8.2 billion across 692 deals in the last year, a decline from the $16.3 billion raised in 941 deals during 2022. However, the trend appears to be reversing, with significant funding rounds early this year signaling a renewed interest in cybersecurity solutions.

NinjaOne, established in 2013, has cumulatively raised $261.5 million to date, underscoring its vital role in advancing cybersecurity and endpoint management solutions globally.