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Have you ever been interrupted by an ad for a dinosaur costume for your cat while scrolling through social media? Or perhaps you’ve seen an ad for a pillow shaped like a piece of bread? If so, you may have come across an ad from specialty e-commerce retailer Wish. Wish heavily advertises its goods on social media.
From practical to downright bizarre, the items are sold at deep discounts by this e-commerce business. According to Retail Touch Points, Wish was the world’s most popular shopping app a few years ago, but the app also had numerous issues, including slow delivery and quality concerns.
There have been several examples of Wish app customers being duped hilariously, as evidenced by one distractify story headline that was red twenty times. The Wish app has been losing customers recently, and last year revenue dropped by eighty percent

On Tuesday, Wishes parent corporation unveiled a new marketing campaign last week in an attempt to win back consumers and prevent sales from falling even further.
The company created a new logo and look as part of the new marketing campaign. “Bargain made fun discovery made easy” is the slogan.
The company wants to remind people that they can find cool new things on wish and get discounts. The company has also addressed several of the issues that drove consumers away in the first place.
It has also introduced a new standards programme to improve product quality. Last year, the company introduced a new standards programme as well. It includes soccer uniforms as part of the big splashy media campaign. It will be employed across Tv, streaming content, social media, and other channels.

In June, wish became an official sleeve sponsor for Leads United, a Premier League football team, for the 2019-2023 seasons. Wish’s new branding will be seen on the uniform of Leads United’s men’s, women’s, and academy teams, and it will be visible at the team’s home ground. While Zulily might take something away from the approach if you build it and it’s weird, they’ll come, it focuses narrowly on its mother target market.

Zulily is owned by the QVC and HSN parent company and wants to assist mothers in “discovering great deals and fresh fashion for themselves, their families, and their homes.” In addition to, a big item discovery and sourcing platform, last month Zulily announced a partnership with to help serve up even more mom and family-focused products on the Zulily platform

Revenue dropped nearly forty percent in the first quarter of 2017, and some layoffs were announced in early 2017, in spite of the fact that everything isn’t coming up roses at Zulily. Supply chain issues were primarily responsible for the company’s revenue drop.
However, both companies expect to see an improvement in their business as goods again flow freely across the world. Consumer inflation is another potential ally in their quest to gain new customers, even as affluent shoppers seek out bargains. Last week, Walmart reported profits above expectations, driven by a surge in sales among the company’s highest-income consumers, according to CNBC.
As a result, Zulily and Wish may find an audience among those with bigger wallets as they offer products at deep discounts.

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