As we reach the year and a half point of the pandemic, public opinion on COVID-restrictions continues to vary widely. In a recent Twitter thread, 538 founder Nate Silver analyzed five different perspectives on COVID-19 restrictions.

It’s fascinating to see this variety of perspectives on the pandemic and how they converge despite vaccine status. Despite opposing statuses, both Group A and E worry enough about the pandemic to favor restrictions. Similarly, both Group C and D seem to be fed up with COVID, but for different reasons; Group C feels they’ve done enough by getting vaccinated while Group D prioritizes their freedom over the severity of the pandemic.

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis has blocked COVID restrictions and mask mandates at every turn despite mounting cases. Recently, DeSantis issued an executive order preventing mask mandates in schools, threatening to withhold the salaries of officials who disobeyed. In Texas, where ICUs are overflowing, Rick Abbott opposes a mask mandate, yet still encourages vaccination. Both governors seem more focused on appeasing their conservative constituents than addressing this public health crisis.

As the Delta variant spreads, only time will tell how opinions on COVID restrictions will shift in the coming months.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.