The U.S. unemployment rate has sky rocketed in the past year. Yet despite this, many essential businesses struggle to find employees that stick around. Business owners and managers alike are desperate to find extra help during these busy times. They have increased their wages, enrolled in temp agencies, and given paid incentives to current employees to recruit help. Despite this, businesses owners say that this has been the hardest time to find employees.

Across the country, the reason for their struggle, is because most of these jobs are in specific industries. Construction, warehouse, and delivery services are in high demand for workers because their work has only increased during these trying times. Why these industries struggle to fill roles can be accredited to a plethora of reasons. A good percentage of people are still scared to go back into an in-person work environment. The industries that are looking for workers require hands on work, aka you cannot work from home. Others have kids and cannot afford a nanny or babysitter at all times when their kids are virtually learning from home. And in other instances, a huge chunk of those unemployed are white collar workers rather than blue.

Until the vaccines are more widely distributed, it is likely people will remain unemployed and businesses will be backed up.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.