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Madonna, the iconic Queen of Pop, is once again making waves in the media, this time due to her romantic endeavors. Recently, the renowned pop star has entered into a relationship with Josh Popper, a talented 29-year-old actor, and she is taking their connection very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that reports suggest she has required him to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure the preservation of their shared secrets, particularly those of an intimate nature.

Before delving into the controversy surrounding the NDA, let’s delve into how Madonna and Popper found each other. According to the Mirror UK, Madonna held auditions to find a new companion after parting ways with her former boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams. Allegedly, she desired a younger partner with whom she could engage in stimulating conversations.

Josh Popper, who has displayed his acting prowess in shows like Law & Order: SVU and West Side Story, captivated Madonna during these auditions. They apparently formed a connection based on their mutual appreciation for art and music. Madonna, recognizing the significance of their burgeoning relationship, took steps to safeguard their union by requesting that Popper sign an NDA.

Radar Online reports that Madonna wishes to maintain the utmost privacy in their personal lives and is determined to prevent any details or confidential information from being leaked to the public, particularly when it concerns their intimate moments. Thus, Madonna made the conscious decision to employ an NDA as a protective measure.

“The primary rule when involved with Madonna is the discretion to not discuss her,” revealed a source. “No one is more protective of her public image than Madonna herself.”

It is worth noting that Madonna has employed similar measures in the past. She, like many other artists, has required her dancers and occasionally even significant others to sign NDAs in order to safeguard her privacy and artistic vision. “Every person working on her upcoming tour had to sign an NDA before even being considered for an audition—and the same applies to her boyfriends,” explained an insider. “Even before they realize they are dating her, her lawyer is already on the phone!”

Madonna’s romantic life has once again become a subject of fascination, thanks to her relationship with Josh Popper. As the Queen of Pop takes her bond with Popper seriously, she has taken precautions to ensure their privacy by utilizing an NDA. Madonna’s unwavering commitment to protecting her image and personal life is nothing new, as she has employed similar measures in the past with her dancers and partners.