Are you the kind of person that is constantly on the move and doesn’t have time to map out what meals you are going to eat? Do you have a hard time grocery shopping and finding everything you need? Well, don’t worry! Kroger has your back.

Kroger, the popular grocery store, is now selling meal kits that make it easier for you to have a professional, restaurant style meal at home for a fraction of the cost. Home Chef, the brand putting these meal kits together and selling these meals at Kroger, has kits that range anywhere from $10 – $16.99 plus tax.

Take home meal kits are gaining popularity due to the country opening up again. Everyone has the opportunity to go back to work or go out again because of cases dropping, so the idea behind selling meal kits was created solely off of convenience. Like companies like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, these Home Chef meal kits have everything that you need to make a dish. They are tasty, easy, and fast to cook up after a long day at work.

Alongside the Home Chef meal kits, Kroger has announced that they will be collaborating with Ghost Kitchens, a service that is dedicated to completing online delivery orders. While this new addition to Kroger is only in two stores, they are hoping to expand the idea into all of their stores nationwide.

Kroger and ClusterTruck, a delivery startup, are working together with Ghost Kitchens to provide families with full, restaurant-like meals. This makes going out to a restaurant easy and comfortable. With the hope that at-home dining will still be popular post-COVID, Kroger seems to be onto something.

What are your thoughts on the new addition to the Kroger brand? Let us know down below.

This article is originally published on GREY Journal.

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