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There are certain expectations that come with buying a new car, such as a shiny exterior, a new car scent, and wheels that stay on the vehicle while driving. Toyota’s new electric SUV line apparently failed to meet at least one of these criteria.
In June, the company warned customers to stop driving their new BZ4X electric vehicles immediately because the wheel bolts might come loose and allow the wheels to fall off even after a relatively short drive.
According to Electric, Toyota has not yet discovered why this is happening. Despite the fact that Toyota has offered customers a five-thousand-dollar credit and extended warranties and other benefits to compensate them for their trouble, the company sent a letter to customers offering a similar deal.

The company will buy back forty thousand dollar Toyotas if customers are not satisfied with the solution. There are almost three thousand affected Toyotas in the recall.
It is a setback for the company’s plans to introduce thirty electric cars in the next eight years.

The company’s first electric SUV, the iX, has also been released. Although the iX’s price is twice that of the Toyota, the buzz is generally positive. It’s not winning any beauty contests, but the new Beamer is pretty decent. It is ugly and unexciting, but it has a lot of capability. The company is dealing with a long waiting list for that steering wheel.

With so many car manufacturing firms diving into EV development, it is likely that we will see more of them on the road. However, manufacturers are struggling to keep up with orders. Manufacturers are having difficulties meeting orders as a result of the inflation reduction act, which recently passed in the senate and extends EV tax credits. However, automakers and other critics, who say that the credit caps the price of vehicles, believe that the credit effectively caps the price of cars. In addition, there are income limits for EV buyers, along with other restrictions.
According to CNBC, component materials and the locations where the automobiles are manufactured are other factors.
As a result, those who can’t qualify for the EV tax credit might not have to have staying power. That’s where I come in. I have some bolts that need to be fixed.

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